Responding To Your Assumptions About Me


I've seen these posts floating around a lotttt recently and decided I wanted to give one a go myself... I set up an anonymous way for people to send me their assumptions, so I'm going to be honest, I was waiting for some absolutely raucous replies. Well, here we are and you guys couldn't have been nicer! So, thank you to anyone who sent them in and onto my reactions...

Responding to your anonymous assumptions about me. Topics include regretting going to uni, hating being single and being sassy

You're sassy
Ummm I'm not sure if I agree. I certainly am very opinionated but I'm not I'd say sassy... I like to make my own mind up on things and share said views if and when appropriate.

You're so bloody cute and a lovely person
Aaaah, I'll take that! I like to think I'm a lovely person. I guess we'll have to see if my family and friends agree with that but I'm sure they will. If they don't I'll just have to bribe them with my finest pancakes until they do.

You hate being single
Noooope, I don't hate it at alllll. As I mentioned in my Being Single  post, I've seen a lot of the shitty situations my friends have been in because of their relationships and I'm really not jealous at all. I'm only twenty, there's plenty of time for more relationships etc, so, for now, I'm just going to focus on smashing uni, working more on my blog and finding the perfect career.

You are veggie
Incorrect! I eat quite a lot of meat, chicken especially! Fun fact though, as a child my Mum was a vegetarian so I'm quite accustomed to a Quorn meal or two. I'm not adverse to being veggie, I just love the meals I make that contain meat and Quorn just isn't quite as good, yanno?

You want to do blogging full time
I mean, who doesn't? A job that involves staying in PJs as much as you want, setting your own working hours, producing content for brands you love, growing a following of people who love what you do... The only downside is, of course, the money side of it all. The work isn't always constant and it's worrying the number of brands who don't pay on time/go bankrupt! So, whilst it looks like the perfect career the grass isn't always greener on the other side!

You regret going to uni
Absolutely not! I've genuinely had the best three years ever at uni! I love the lifestyle, the friends I've made and just the freedom! I'm genuinely going to be so so sad when I leave, it's been an incredible experience. I've for sure grown and changed an awful lot and have done things I never thought I would. (Some of which should definitely not be written on the internet, so we'll just leave that there!) So, no, I don not regret going to uni at ALLLL.

You wish you did a different course at uni
I definitely agree with this to an extent! I kind of wish I had. But, I'm good at Psychology and some of it really does interest me a lot. However, because I don't want to go into a Psychology related career, doing a different degree definitely would have made this whole job searching thing a lot easier. That being said, I've made some incredible friends on my course and have learnt an awful lot. Everything happens for a reason, yanno?

You get lots of brand collab opportunities! Ps love your content!
I'm very grateful for all of the brand opportunities I'm offered - but I wouldn't say there were lots of them! I've been fortunate to work with a number of fab brands and could have worked with a whole heap more, but I'm always keen to turn down opportunities that don't align with me/my values. I know that is suuuuuch a wanky thing to say but it's true! I've been offered products/sponsorships related to dieting before and anyone who knows me knows that this gal is NOT about dieting. So, regardless of how good the opportunity, if it's not very 'me' I turn them down. Oh, and if you include those pyramid scheme DMs on Insta then I definitely get a lot of bran collab opportunities. *rolls eyes*

You are 22/23
I'm 20, 21 on the 19th of March! This one surprised me actually as I have such a baby face! If people thought I was 15 on appearance alone I genuinely wouldn't be shocked or offended.

You're a very determined person that won't stand for any bs
This is definitely a fair assumption and I agree! I have been known to call people out - including my friends - for things that I don't agree with or think are right/fair/acceptable. As for being determined, I'd agree with that too! I've averaged a first in every semester at uni thus far, so yeah, I like to think I have determination.

You have a kind soul and are dedicated to the friendships you make in life
What a nice thing to say?! I'm very much dedicated to my friendships... If any of my pals are reading this you know I love ya and how much you mean to me. I would definitely say I was a very sociable person, and being around my friends is by far my favourite thing to do. Ask any of my housemates, I just love to linger and chat!

Aaaaand, there we have it! My response to your assumptions about me. Thank you again to anyone that sent assumptions in, this was such a fun post to write. I'll leave the link for sending them in here just in case this has sparked anyone's curiosity and they have any more they'd like me to respond to!


  1. This was such an interesting blog post to read, its nice to know more about you!

    Danielle xx

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    Lauren |

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    Lucy | Forever September

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