Peggy May's Cafe, Lyndhurst - Review


Hello, and welcome back to the best blog series I've ever written. In case you missed the last one installment on Halladay's I'll give you a quick recap now... Becca is a girl that loves a cream tea so Becca is going on a mission to find the best cream tea on the south coast. A pretty neat concept, huh? I've compiled a few judging criteria and will be writing a whole blog post on each place I visit. I'm not sure how many I intend on reviewing, but the more the merrier, right? I'm doing this all in the name of both scientific research and a public service. (It's not just that I love scones, definitely not.)

This installment's location is Peggy May's Cafe, situated on the high street of a pretty New Forest Village: Lyndhurst. My gals and I went for a wander in the New Forest, and so a cream tea afterwards was an absolute necessity. After wandering up and down the street, peeking in at the various cafes we settled on this one as it looked really cute, and we were not let down. 

Finding The Best Cream Tea On The South Coast: Peggy May's Cafe, Lyndhurst
Finding The Best Cream Tea On The South Coast: Peggy May's Cafe, Lyndhurst

Finding The Best Cream Tea On The South Coast: Peggy May's Cafe, Lyndhurst
Finding The Best Cream Tea On The South Coast: Peggy May's Cafe, Lyndhurst

Peggy May's Cafe, Lyndhurst


The scones (one plain and one fruit) came out warm and oh my they were lovely. They were really soft and generally just delicious. With the scones came a pot of strawberry jam and a pot of blackcurrant jam and I actually think I preferred the latter... Who'd have thought it, hey?

Clotted Cream Quantity 

Potentially the most important criteria for me. Nobody likes to be stingy with the clotted cream and I can confirm that 2 pots were provided per cream tea. What a score.


I opted for The Forest Cream Tea which includes 2 scones, 2 pots of jam, 2 pots of cream and a teapot of tea. At £6.45 for a cream tea in the New Forest, it's very fairly priced! They also offer High Tea which includes all of the above as well as sandwiches! (I really don't like sandwiches but even I thought they looked really good.)


The aesthetics are what drew us into this cafe rather than others and I'm sure you can see why. All of the tables and chairs were in varying pastel shades and there were lots of decorative bits and pieces scattered around.


Located about 5 minutes from the free Bolton's Bench New Forest car park it couldn't be in a better location for a cosy Sunday expedition. There are lots of pretty little knick knacky shops on the same street so it really is a good place to for for a wander of an afternoon...

After reading all of that I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that overall I rate Peggy May's pretty highly! The food was delicious, Lyndhurst is a lovely place to visit and so, for that reason, this cafe will definitely rank pretty well compared to the others.

Where shall I visit next?


  1. I agree peggy mays is outstanding and affordable x plenty of choices and their scones are delicious. Always go there for birthdays with my girls x

  2. That cafe is the cutest! I rarely have cream tea unless im down south so it's like a rare treat for me but now i really want scones!

    Ellie //

  3. This looks like such a cute place to visit! You can't beat a scone with clotted cream and jam! x

    Lucy |

  4. Oh I do love a good cream tea! Sometimes there's nothing better than a cream & jam scone.. Looks like a lovely little place too :) xo

    Char |

  5. It looks so lovely here!

    Danielle xx

  6. I love the decor of this lil cafe, its so sweet!

    Lucy | Forever September

  7. What a lovely cafe! The cream tea looks delicious and sounds like great value.
    I wish I lived closer so I could visit! x