The Easiest 'Healthy' Pancakes


With Pancake Day around the corner (Tuesday 13th if you were wondering) I thought it was the perfect time to share this recipe. It's not difficult in the slightest, and also doesn't take long to do at all, but the outcome is absolutely delicious.

The batter is made of three ingredients;
- a banana
- 2 eggs
- a tablespoon of flour

(I know lots of recipes for these don't have flour in, but I think it really helps with the texture, and stops it being so much of a banana omelette)

All this recipe requires you to do is mash the banana, stir in the other ingredients and cook them... It's so super easy. Now, if you're not a massive fan of bananas then this perhaps isn't the best recipe for you. Whilst they are delicious, and do look like pancakes, they're not quite like the real thing, and you can most certainly taste the banana.

I tend to top mine with fruit, yogurt and/or ice-cream... They're so easy to make, good for you and taste pretty fab too

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