Hiya, as you’ve probably guessed, my name is Becca. I’m a third-year psychology student currently living in sunny Southampton. I spend far too much of my time scrolling ASOS’ new in section and enjoy roast potatoes way more than a normal person should. My Friday nights go one of two ways, I’m either in bed by 9pm with a cup of decaf tea or I’m staggering home at 3am from a drum and bass night with a double vodka in my hands. This blog is essentially just an extension of my life, so welcome, dive right in.

4 Things Becca Loves;
- Louis Theroux. The man is a legend. I have a tshirt with his face on. I'm not sure how much more I can say.
- Christmas. I'm one of those absolute Christmas fanatics and love absolutely everything about it. (Except Christmas pudding and sprouts, ew.)
- Early nights. It's become a bit of a standing joke that I'm the resident granny in our house. I'm in bed before 10 far more often than a uni student should admit to and I absolutely love it.
- Pizza. I once ate 16 slices of pizza at the Pizza Hut Buffet, and yes, I could hardly walk afterwards.
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