7 Things That Get An Immediate Swipe Left On Tinder

11 June 2020

I don't know about you but I've been spending an ungodly amount of time on my phone recently. After swapping between scrolling Instagram, laughing at tiktoks, catching up on emails, and reading tweets for hours on end, I've actually recently found myself spending more time on Tinder. *gasp*

Now, don't get me wrong, by 'more time' I mean approximately 2 minutes a week, but, for today's post, I thought I'd share seven things that get an immediate swipe left from me. 

I've never really been a hardcore Tinder user, I find it all a bit cringe and it's fair to say the talent pool in my local area often leaves a lot to be desired. That being said, swiping has been a good way to pass some time, so let's get into my Tinder turn-offs, shall we?

7 Things That Get An Immediate Swipe Left On Tinder. A list of my Tinder turn offs.

7 Things That Get An Immediate Swipe Left On Tinder 

001. Photos holding dead fish 

I'm sorry but does ANYBODY see a man holding a dead trout and think 'that's a bit of me' ?! If anyone out there could tell me where this 'trend' came from I'd be very interested to hear, because, for me, it's a big fat no thank you. I'm sorry if you're a fan of these awkwardly standing by a river with a dead carp photos but they're just not for me and highly doubt they ever will be. 

002. Thinking smoking weed is a substitute for a personality 

Of the seven things that made it into the list, this is definitely the one I see most often. I'm sorry to break it to you Dan but if being a stoner is the only noteworthy thing you have to mention in your bio, perhaps you need to google some Dad jokes or puns, anything would be more interesting. We get it, you smoke weed, surely there's something else you can talk about?

003. Posey gym photos

Okay so this one is definitely a personal preference but this is a big no from me. I'm all for exercising and taking care of yourself but if all of your pictures are those posey naked bodybuilder ones I know you're not going to be keen on going for a Nando's and 12 cocktails... Throwback to the time I was told off for getting a gym lad a vodka coke and not a vodka diet coke LOOOL. 

004. Having no photos 

Who are you? Why don't you have any pictures? Are you not who you say you are? Should you not be here? Having no photos always just seems a bit iffy to me, like what are you hiding? Whilst I'm all for getting to know someone personally and not just judging them on looks, how can I be sure that you're not Keith, 68, from Boscombe? 

005. Kids 

Personal preference but a potential match having kids is a no from me. I'm 22, I'm not ready for any responsibilities or duties, and watching Peppa Pig at the weekends certainly isn't on my bucket list. Well, not for a goooooooood few years at least. 

006. Unironically having 'Netflix and Chill' in your bio

I'm sorry is it still 2015? Can we not think of anything better to say than 'Netflix and Chill?' Anyone that uses that and that alone in their bio clearly has limited chat and is probably best avoided. 

007. Photos of cars 

I genuinely can't tell an A6 from an A8, and better yet, the car you drive really plays no part in my opinion of you. My trusty 2007 Fiesta is a testament to the fact that I'm really not bothered by the cars people drive, as long as they have seatbelts and working brakes, I'm all good! 

Looool, well there were 7 of my Tinder turn-offs... I could definitely have kept going (it's fair to say my friends always tell me I'm faaar too picky) so perhaps we'll have a part two and list another load of things if this one goes down well!

What are some of your Tinder turn-offs?

7 Things That Get An Immediate Swipe Left On Tinder. A list of my Tinder turn offs.


  1. Yep, men holding dead fish is not exactly the type I would go for, or if they smoke weed! But I agree with you about the kids, I'm 27 but I don't want to be a mother to be somebody else's kids! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. The weed smoking and holding a pint of beer photos are the worst in my opinion!

    🌿 Marissa Belle × marsybun.com 🌿

  3. Absolutely love this! I completely agree with all of these - straight left 😂

  4. hahah this post is such a laugh and i love it! i'm 18 now so can us Tinder but I really don't want to haha, for the sole reason people on there are just a bit stupid sometimes, it's so unlikely that i'll find someone on there! amazing post,
    mills x

  5. Oh my Goooooddddd, these are literally all of my turn offs too 😂 or the dudes that only have a photo of their sixpack, they are a no-go for me too. That makes it clear to me that they want nothing more than sex and I’m personally in for something more meaningful 😂

  6. Great post! Number 2 and 7 are very relatable haha, I actually met my boyfriend on Tinder though so don’t lose hope- but I really understand the struggle! The dead fish one is a new one though, I don’t remember seeing that on anyone’s profile- what are people thinking!


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