Everything I Spent Money On In May

31 May 2020

Back at the beginning of the month, I decided that I was going to try my best not to spend any money in May. Now, of course not spending a penny was going to be impossible, what with the numerous monthly bills I have and other responsibilities like my car, but the idea was to spend no money unless I really had to. In short, this meant no new clothes, makeup, skincare, home decor, books, anything! I announced this challenge in my Plans For May post because if you haven't posted it online and told the world about it, are you really doing it? Or, better still, is there any point in even doing it?

Now, I don't want to spoil it, but I'm gonna be honest, I'm pretty damn pleased with how I did... 

Everything I Spent Money On In May // A list of everything I spent money on in the month of May, from lip balm to mechanics bills.

Everything I Spent Money On In May

Week One:

I actually outlined in my original post that buying Murphy some birthday presents was an exception I was going to allow. I stuck by this and spent £15 on toys and bits and bobs for him because what is a first birthday without some new chew toys, eh?

Week Two:

£0 spent. Yep. A grand total of nothing. Obviously, being in lockdown greatly helped to make this challenge a whole lot easier as there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and few places open to spend money, but, I'm very pleased with myself nonetheless! 

Week Three: 

Fixing my car was on my April To-Do List and guess who finally got round to it during the third week of May? Having not driven my car since the beginning of lockdown, getting it sorted and going for a drive was SO nice! Getting Phil fixed and a full tank of petrol only cost me £65 which I am SO grateful for, I was lowkey ready to be handed a £700 bill from the mechanic and writing off this entire challenge...

Week Four:

My first purchase of week four was a Lost Stock Box at £35 - having heard about the initiative, I knew I wanted to get one to help support the garment makers in Bangladesh. The box is yet to arrive but I'm suuuper excited to see what I get! 

I wrote a blog post all about the aforementioned Lost Stock Boxes and this brought a lot of traffic to my site, so I decided to add a custom 'featured post' section to my landing page. This cost a mere £4 via the lovely girl that designed my blog, and is £4 very well spent in my opinion. 

Next up on my list of purchases was a replacement Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm (£10). I was out with the dog when my trusty Roaccutane sidekick fell out of my pocket so I quickly bought another one online because this gal needs her lip balm. 

The final purchase of week four was some supplies for a new hobby I'm going to be having a go at... I spent about £20, buying the items individually from small businesses and I cannot wait for them all to arrive, and to get stuck in. 

Week Five:

That lip balm I said I ordered? Well, it was a Bank Holiday weekend wasn't it, so guess who ended up going to a physical shop to pick up a replacement because their lips were painfully dry and chapped. Goodbye £11, but thank you Marks & Spencers for saving the day! Not to be dramatic, but I think my lips would have actually fallen off if I hadn't done something. 

Besides some food and a replacement deodorant, that really was all I bought in the month of May. Wowcher, what a saving kween. Some quick maths later, I calculate that to be a total of £160 spent! As someone who ordinarily loves a bit of online shopping, I think this challenge has been an absolute success! 

Now, I bet you're all wondering if I'm going to be continuing it into June?... The short answer is no. There are a few things I'd like to buy, and starting a no spending challenge with a shopping list doesn't tend to go down too well, does it? That being said, I'm definitely going to continue being more thoughtful with my purchases, and stop buying things for the sake of it!

Have you been using lockdown as a chance to save or splurge?

Everything I Spent Money On In May // A list of everything I spent money on in the month of May, from lip balm to mechanics bills.


  1. I love this type of post! I've also been really thankful for spending a lot less on petrol.

    Shelley x


  2. Really loved reading this, congrats on not spending so much, I need to learn to stop myself! Shopping lists and wishlists really don't help my spending habits!
    mills x

  3. You did a great job! To be honest I have found that during lockdown we don't spend as much as usual since we basically don't get out... Which is great because you save now for your future expenses! :)

    Julia x
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