17 More Things To Do Whilst In Coronavirus Self-Isolation


The last time I wrote a list of things to do whilst in coronavirus self-isolation the situation was a little different. We were advised to only be in quarantine if we were showing symptoms or had been to one of the affected areas. Fast forward to now and as of the 24th March we've all been in lockdown-that-hasn't-been-called-lockdown-but-is-pretty-much-lockdown, or lockdown for short, for a couple of weeks now. So, considering I have all of this extra time on my hands, I figured I'd compile another (more genuine) list of things that you can do to pass the time now that a lot of us are in the same boat...

A list of things to do whilst in coronavirus self-isolation to help pass the time.

17 More Things To Do Whilst In Coronavirus Self-Isolation 

1. Bake

Last week I just did that and created the sexiest thing I think I've ever eaten. In case you haven't already seen it, I've created my own Biscoff Cheesecake Recipe and it's honestly 10/10. Not only that, it passed a good few hours of my day! I've written up a few other recipes here on the blog, and I'd highly recommend giving these triple chocolate brownies a go if you haven't already. 

2. Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow

Now is the perfect time to have a spring clean of your social media accounts and unfollow anyone who is no longer bringing you joy. People grow out of other people, tastes change, and it's okay to remove someone's content from your timeline if you're no longer enjoying it. I'm going to set aside some time next week to do just this and ensure that every time I go on my phone, I'm only seeing posts I genuinely want to see!

3. Clean your mirror

I am so guilty of never cleaning my mirror, it's grim. I mean, I don't tend to notice it too much until I go to take a mirror selfie and bam, dust marks everywhere. It's not a particularly lengthy nor challenging task but once done you'll vow never to let it get like that again. (It probably will get like that again but that's an issue for another day). 

4. Adult colouring 

I've seen some absolutely fantastic adult colouring pages that would certainly waste an afternoon or two. I'm talking swirly floral swear words and all sorts of other interesting images - colouring isn't just for kids, my dudes!

5. Delete photos on your phone 

I mainly included this one as a personal reminder for myself. I need to do this. At the time of writing this post I currently have 38,000 photos on my phone. Nobody needs that many photos. I've got loads of old screenshots, duplicates where I've been trying to get 'the shot' and just loads of other rubbish that I definitely no longer need. 

6. Start a blog! 

If you haven't already got one, join the club! They're free to set up and are a great way to pass the time, and feel somewhat productive. If you couldn't already tell, I've been more active than ever over here on becc4.co.uk and it feels great. You could write about whatever you want from breakfast cereal reviews to your opinions on current affairs, your blog is your space and is a great free creative outlet. 

7. Nap

Not sure how to pass a few hours? A nap is always a great way to pass a few hours. 

8. Clear your inbox and unsubscribe 

Those emails you've been meaning to deal with for a while and those pesky email lists that you no longer want to be a part of? Now's a great time to go through them. If you're feeling super organised and really do want to waste a few hours, you could even set up really specific email folders and have everything in its own dedicated place. 

9. Create the playlist

The. Playlist. You know the one. The huge, perfect for any setting, full of all of your favourite songs playlist. Grab a few drinks and a speaker, open your music streaming software and get to work. I've been meaning to do this for the longest time and this lockdown might just be the time I finally get one made. 

10. Rearrange your bedroom/lounge/entire house

This one isn't exclusively for periods of self-isolation, I find myself doing this semi-regularly - is that weird? There's something really fun about moving everything around and creating what feels like a new space out of an old one. The reason it's in this list? It usually takes a long old while, the majority of which is spent discovering things under your bed you'd forgotten you ever had. 

11. Learn to French plait

I have never been able to French plait but this time off could be the time it finally happens. I'm not particularly gifted when it comes to any sort of hairstyle and a French plait is very much outside of my abilities, but watch this space... Might she be able to do it by the end of self-isolation?

12. Teach your dog a new trick

Poor old Murph has had us annoying him for the last couple of weeks, blissfully unaware that this might continue on for weeks on end. So far this lockdown I've managed to teach him to high five and I've started working on roll-over, but unfortunately for him, the list of tricks I'd like to teach him is pretty much endless.

13. Take note of everything in your cupboards/freezer/fridge

This might just be the most adult thing I've ever said on the blog. Is this it? Have I hit proper adulthood now? But yes, what with all this panic buying and only being able to shop for essentials, it's handier than ever to know exactly what's in your cupboards and what you're running out of.

14. Meal plan for the next week

Using your new-found knowledge of your cupboards and fridge, create a plan for your meals next week using lots of the things you'd forgotten you had. Wowcher, talk about efficiency. 

15. Hook out old photos 

I cannot tell you the last time I looked through physical photo albums. I mean, I look at photos on my phone fairly often and am always sharing them online, but old family photos? I never take the time to look through them. We've got albums and albums of memories stacked up in the cupboards, it would be nice to look at them all again! 

16. Sign up to an online class 

Want to try and use this time productively? Lots of sites - including the Open University - are offering tonnes of free online educational classes. Now is finally the time to study the fundamentals of biomedicine or the origins of religion, or whatever else it was that you've been wanting to know.

17. Get dressed up

I doubt we'll be heading to the club or any fancy bars anytime soon, but I really enjoy getting dressed up and doing my makeup, so why not do it for fun, eh? Surprise your family/flatmates/partner and turn up to the lounge in a bodycon and heels ready for a boogie. Joking aside, doing your hair, putting some makeup on and choosing a nice outfit is a great way to establish at least some normality!

What have you been doing to pass the time whilst in self-isolation?


  1. Great post and original ideas for stuff to do 🙌🏾

  2. So many good ideas! I must admit that I should probably use this time wisely and clean my mirror, as it's one of the tasks I hate, but I guess I don't have an excuse to not do it anymore haha!xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

  3. I've been napping almost every day - which I never do! I'm just finding I'm so much more tired which is probably due to being stuck indoors and hardly getting any fresh air! Great ideas here :) x

  4. I am loving these - I am slowly organising my phone, its full of crap and apps everywhere.... not to mention the photos! Organised phone, organised life right?


  5. So many good ideas here Becca, you've reminded me that I desperately need to clean my mirror as well hahah its filthy!

    Lucy | Forever September