The Gratitude Diaries 003

17 April 2020

And here we are... Easter has been and gone, and the UK is now in its fourth week of lockdown. I'm not going to lie, I feel like I've become adapted to this new way of life, and whilst I CANNOT wait for things to go back to normal, I do feel like I've slowly gotten the hang of this whole self-isolation thing.

A list of the things I'm grateful for in week 4 of lockdown!

The Gratitude Diaries 003 

Catching up with friends 

Over the last week or so I've made a real effort to check in with my pals and it has been so nice! Whilst we're all not doing a lot and have nothing to report, somehow I've managed to find myself chatting away for hours on end. When this is all over I'm 100% going on a friend visiting tour. 

Hot Cross Buns 

Some might say this is a slightly odd thing to include in a list of things I'm grateful for but here we are. Last week I made this Hot Cross Bun Recipe and, I'm going to blow my own trumpet here, they were pretty god damn delicious and I'd very much like to be eating one now.


My excuse for not doing things is always that I don't have enough time. Well, now that I do have time, I'm finally crossing things off my April To-Do List. I've already finished one book this lockdown and dived into another, which considering I haven't finished a book in months, I'm pretty pleased with. In case you were wondering, I read Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse and thoroughly enjoyed it. It had so many twists and turns, and there was no way I could have guessed what was coming! 

New projects 

I think the thing I'm most grateful for this week is the influx of new work I've received, even despite everything going on. Thank you, universe, I know I am very fortunate!! 

Great TV 

As previously mentioned, this time off has allowed me to catch up on my Netflix Watch List and so far I've managed to tick quite a few things off. I absolutely loved watching The Stranger, 10/10. The Nest was a great BBC series I'd recommend watching if you haven't, Killing Eve is back if you weren't aware, and my Mum and I are still loving The Crown. Maybe I have been missing out on this whole TV thing after all... 


I've definitely developed a sort of Lockdown Routine and it's certainly helping the days go by quicker. I'm still getting up at my usual time and going to bed at my usual time and I think that's really helping in keeping things feeling at least somewhat normal... 

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Those buns look so yummy!

    Mariya |

  2. I feel like the more we create a routine and settle into the lockdown, the easier it gets... Which is good, because we went to spend time as pleasantly as we can during these crazy times. Well done for getting more work this week!

    Julia x
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  3. I feel the same, it's lovely to have the time to do things you haven't had time for, but I'm also excited for when this is all over. Routine has been so essential lately xx

    My Lovelier Days

  4. I've managed to read 3 books since lockdown started and I'm so surprised at myself not gonna lie hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. Reading has been my favourite pastime at the moment and I've managed to read so many good books! x

    Lucy |


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