An A-Z of God Tier Foods


You know me, I love food. I love talking about food, eating food, reviewing food, making food, the lot. I'm sure my parents find this particularly amusing because, as a child, I was a really fussy eater and often refused to eat. Look at me now, I'm a human dustbin, counting down the minutes to my next meal.

Following the success of my Ranking Christmas Foods post, I thought I'd compile an A-Z of God Tier Foods. These are the best of the best, the heroes amongst men, the things I couldn't live without...

An A-Z of God-Tier Foods.

An A-Z of God Tier Foods 

A - Angel Cake 
I might just say it, I think Angel Cake is my favourite kind of cake. The three vanillary layers with cream in between, the slightly artificial taste, the fact it costs only about a pound, incredible.

B - Biscoff 
I'm sure this one comes as no shock to anyone. If I were to make this even more specific I think I'd have to pick this Biscoff Cheesecake, it's the god-est of god-tier desserts. 

C - Chicken
I wasn't sure whether to pick chicken, crumble, cheese or croissants for this one, but ultimately settled on chicken because hello Nando's, Chicken Selects and a good Butter Chicken curry...

D - Danish Pastries 
Anyone who has ever even seen my Instagram will know that I love a Danish Pastry or two. If I had to pick a top three I think I'd pick; Croissants, Vanilla Creme Crowns, and Pain Au Raisins.

E - Enchiladas

Fajitas, but with extra salsa and melted cheese? Need I say anymore...

F - Fries
Fries just go with anything, make a great snack, and taste even better if accompanied by an ice-cold Sprite whilst on holiday. Standard French Fries are great but the garlic truffle fries from 7Bone are SOMETHING ELSE and should be tried by everyone, immediately*!

*when lockdown is over

G - Garlic Bread 
Garlic baguettes, garlic pizzas, garlic bread slices, garlic doughballs, garlic ciabatta... I'm yet to find a form of garlic bread I don't like.

H - Hash Browns 
This one was a massive toss-up between hash browns and halloumi but I think hash browns just pip halloumi to the post. After a heavy night out, the only thing I can ever think about is hash browns not a block of squeaky cheese...

I - Ice Cream 
Weirdly, I'm not actually a massive fan of ice-cream. I don't have anything against it, I don't dislike it, I just very rarely find myself reaching for/ordering a bowl of it. But, for the sake of this list, I'm happy to welcome it to the group.

J - Jelly Cubes 
Note the presence of the word cubes here... We're not talking about actually jelly, we're talking about those DELICIOUS cubes, straight out of the packet. If you've never tucked into a packet of raspberry jelly cubes, you really are missing out.

K - Kung Pao Chicken
My favourite Chinese dish and an absolute 10/10, I'm sure this one doesn't need any more explaining.

L - Lemon Meringue Pie
A good lemon meringue pie with a buttery pastry base, a velvety lemon filling, and a crispy meringue topping... Can you beat it?

M - Mash
After a quick quarter-final with mango, mozzarella fingers, and mac & cheese, mash was triumphant. That being said, mash has to be served with gravy, nobody likes a dry plate of mashed potatoes.

N - Nuggets
Another form of chicken, and a great one at that.

O - Onion Rings
The perfect accompaniment to any pub meal, but let's get down to the nitty-gritty of onion rings, battered are infinitely better than breaded.

P - Pizza 
Why do pizza, pasta and pancakes all begin with P?? That made this letter of the list a particularly hard one, but pizza just had to win, didn't it!

Q - Quesadillas 
Potentially a bit too similar to enchiladas, but considering the alternatives were quiche or quinoa, I think we'll welcome quesadillas to the team.

R - Roast Potatoes
Hello babies. If you were to search roast potatoes on my blog I'm sure you'd get many results indeed. I love roast potatoes a lot and would eat them for every meal if I had the time to make them.

S - Spaghetti Bolognese 
A meal that single-handedly got me through university. An easy one to make in bulk, and served with a pile of spaghetti and half a block of cheese. Mmm mmm.

T - Tacos 
A more recent obsession of mine, tacos are very much a God-tier meal if you ask me. I'm a hard shell, salsa, and sour cream, no lettuce or guacamole, sort of girl.

U - Udon Noodles
A little niche, but it is U after all... The ginger chicken udon dish is my absolute go-to at Wagamama and if you haven't ever tried it, you need to get on itttt.

V - Vanilla Cheesecake 
The second time cheesecake has featured in this list - have I emphasized the point enough yet? I love cheesecake.

W - White Chocolate 
I know this'll probably cause a bit of controversy but I'm not a massive chocolate fan. White chocolate, however, is a whole other story. In case you were wondering, the milky bar mini eggs are my absolute fave with the white chocolate smartie buttons in a close second!

X - 

Y - Yorkshire Puddings 
What is a roast dinner without Yorkshire puddings? Lame, that's what it is. And, as for that 'you don't have Yorkshires at Christmas' nonsense.... Take your opinions elsewhere pls.

Z - 

So there we have it, a slightly different type of post to usual but one I very much enjoyed writing. I'd love to see your lists and see how yours compare to mine - what would you change or add? I'd love to know!

An A-Z of God-Tier Foods.


  1. Now this is some tier! I seriously love all of the foods you have listed here! x

    Lucy |

  2. Biscoff is just amazing! x

    Maiya |

  3. This is such a fun idea!! It sounds like we have very similar tastes in food lol! Last week my dad made pizza with garlic bread, onion rings and curly fries for dinner and honestly I don't think I've ever had a better meal

  4. Love this! I'll be honest, I clicked because I saw the crumpets with Nutella and banana! Danielle ||

  5. I really love this idea, it's something so different but has definitely made me hungry! x
    Amelia (by mills)

  6. Totally agree with most of these - I love all the Mexican food and butter chicken is delicious! L for me would have to be lasagna though. It's my favourite comfort food! <3

    Claire, G is for Gingers

  7. Soo many good food's here! I'm starving right now and this post definitely has made me even more hungry haha x

    Lauren |