11 Things To Do Whilst in Coronavirus Self-Isolation


11 Things to do whilst in Coronavirus Self-Isolation - a guide to keeping yourself busy at home
During this uncertain time, I thought I'd put together a little light-hearted post full of things we can all do should we find ourselves stuck at home for days on end. Obviously, if you're unwell, ignore this entire list and just whack Netflix on, but if not here are 11 ways you could pass the time...

11 Things to do Whilst in Coronavirus Self-Isolation 

1. Clean your makeup brushes 
I'm sorry, has this not been on all of our to-do lists for the LONGEST time?! I know I don't clean mine as often as I should, I mean, nowhere near as often as I should. Two weeks at home sounds a good amount of time to summon up the motivation to eventually clean them all, no?

2. Trim the lawn with nail scissors
Sounds like at least a two-week job to me... Depending on your garden size, that is, some of you might actually be out there for months if you have acres of land. 

3. Count the number of times you read/hear 'Coronavirus' in a day
Create a tally of all the times the word 'Coronavirus' comes up and report back with your total. I have a feeling it'll be in the hundreds, especially if you're watching daytime TV and scrolling on Twitter.

4. Sort through your wardrobe and make a pile for charity
With 14 days at your disposal, you've got plenty of time to go through all of your clothes and get rid of any pieces that you know longer want or wear. I've started doing this fairly regularly as I have a lotttt of clothes and it's great. 

5. Practice Eminem's Godzilla rap 
In no other circumstances would I think of carrying out this challenge, but with possibly 12 weeks, what's there to lose. The third verse in Eminem's Godzilla contains 224 words in a grand total of 31 seconds. Anyone who can learn and perform it, gets a massive pat on the back from me.

6. Learn a new language 
Download Duolingo, pick a language and get started. What with Youtube and all sorts of other free resources, let's all spend our time productively, learning a new language. Ever since my Spanish GCSE I've been meaning to learn a bit more, but have never really gotten around to it... If I find myself at home for a fortnight, that's more than enough time to make a start. 

7. Download Tik Tok 
Just want to waste a few hours? Browse Tik Tok. I'm not sure I need to say anymore. If you want to take it one step further, choose a dance (or three) and try to learn them. There are hours of fun to be had there. 

8. Count the number of grains of rice in a bag
What with all of the rice everyone has been bulk buying, why not count the number of individual grains in a bag. Special shoutout to anyone that tries this with a 10KG bag, you the real MVP. 

9. At-home workouts
You knew this was going to feature somewhere on this list, didn't you. What with the gym being out of bounds, and going outside off-limits, a workout in the lounge is the next best thing. If you're looking for a good Youtube channel to use, I love all of Blogilates' videos! 

10. Post on social media at least 17 times a day about being in self-isolation
Are you even in self-isolation if you haven't told everyone about it? Keep everyone up to date with how you're getting on, and remind them that you're in quarantine. Let your followers know how many of the 148 toilet rolls you bought have been used. 

11. Read all of my old blog posts
Aaaand if you're really bored, I've posted 240 blog posts here on becc4.co.uk that you can work your way through. We've got all sorts, from my Vietnam Travel Guides to my rambles about blogging, to my Vegan Fast Food reviews - there are lots of different things to sink your teeth into!

In all seriousness, I hope you all keep well and look after yourselves! 


  1. Downloading Tik Tok was the best and worst thing I've ever done, I've spent so many hours laying in bed watching them but my god, some are hilarious!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Snap girl, snap! It's the bestttt way to pass the time at the moment! x

  2. I have spend an unspeakable amount of time on TikTok since downloading it- I actually had to make myself take a break. These were hilarious! I hope you're staying well xx

    My Lovelier Days

  3. Hahaha this was funny! I cleaned my makeup brushes yesterday for the first time in about a year, which is sooo grotty! I may paint a wall and watch it dry this afternoon!