A March Ramble


Well then, as I'm sure you'll definitely agree, that wasn't quite how I expected March to turn out... I had so many things penciled in for this month and then boom, global pandemic and total lockdown. Who could have predicted it, eh? I hope you're all washing your hands, staying safe and keeping well - we got this!

A chatty roundup of the month of March


It just had to be addressed, didn't it? 

I'm very fortunate that I don't know anyone who has had the Coronavirus yet and I'd very much like to keep it that way. I'm currently on Furlough - meaning I am not currently working but am still employed by my company, and earning 80% of my salary - which has been a major life change this month. As I write this, this is scheduled to end at the beginning of June, but we shall have to wait and see what happens there... I don't want to dwell on the C-bomb or lockdown for too long as I'm sure you're all very much sick to death of talking about it already, and this is only the beginning... 


March saw me start taking Roaccutane after literal years of trips to and from the doctor regarding my skin, waheyyy. I'm very pleased that the day finally came and I got the drugs. Roll on having clear skin! I'm documenting my whole experience over on Instagram and I'm even including some stunning close-ups of my skin each week if you'd like to go and have a nose! 

So far so good, yes my skin is super super dry but other than that, I'm doing alright and I can already see it doing its thing. One thing that is really weird is having really dry skin ?? Who is she? Where is the shiny forehead? It's so nice to be getting back into beauty and skincare though, I've had to switch up all of my routines meaning I've been testing out all sorts of new products! 


March is my birthday month and it's fair to say things were a little errr understated this year. I had all sorts of plans up my sleeve but Corona very much put them on hold. That being said, I'm excited for the rest of the year as I've now got so many more things to look forward to! I'm going to see Dermot Kennedy for the third time in September, I've got a really fancy spa day to attend and all sorts of meals/drinks/meet-ups with my friends that didn't happen penciled in later in the year! My birthday wasn't canceled, only postponed! 


After including it in both my 9 goals for 2019 and 5 goals for 2020 post, Becca finally got round to running her first 10K this month! I ended up doing it with no prior training (probably not my wisest move) but managed to complete it in under an hour AND raised £125 for charity, I definitely call that a win win! It's fair to say it was a bit of a challenge and I'd definitely recommend putting in some training, but it felt SO GOOD when I crossed that finish line! 

As you can see, this month has very much been a quiet one, but a good one nonetheless! Other highlights include teaching Murphy how to high-five, hanging out with Murphy and taking Murphy to the beach... Are you spotting a theme here? People that don't have dogs, what do you spend your time doing?

What did you get up to in March?


  1. Murphy is so cute! March definitely wasn't what anyone expected but we got through it 💪 scheduling in things to look forward to later on in the year is definitely a great way to remain positive and focus on moving forward xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

    1. Isn't he just! Yaaaaaas, we got this - stay safe lovely! x