21 Before 21 - How Did I Get On?


So, I'm a little late to the party, but seeing as my 22nd birthday is coming up I figured it was the perfect opportunity to have a little walk down memory lane... I'd totally forgotten I'd written a list of 21 things I wanted to do before I hit 21 so let's have a recap and see how I got on nearly a year later, shall we?

21 Before 21 - a recap looking at how well I got on with my bucket list.

1. Run a 10K 

So, I haven't completed this one yet but it's very much on the list for this year! I'm hoping to run a 10K in March so watch this space...

2. Visit 5 more countries

Done! The last couple of years have seen me do quite a bit of travelling (sorry, carbon footprint) which I'm truly grateful for! Since I wrote my 21 before 21 post I've visited: Iceland, Bali, Budapest, Mauritius, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia! Wowcher.

3. Get (and sustain) some abs

Hahahahahah, no.

I did, however, have a phase of really enjoying going to the gym and gym classes, alas, I've since got a full-time job with a 2-hour daily commute so that's not a bit of me anymore... I'd also like to mention that this very much isn't a goal of mine anymore, it's funny how these things change, eh?

4. Develop a personal style 

Done! If you follow me over on Instagram you'll have seen that I'm dipping my toe into fashion blogging, and do you know what, I'm actually really enjoying it! (I've even written a lookbook styling cream jeans five ways!) Since I've started shooting my outfits regularly I've really been able to hone in on my personal style, which, if I had to summarise in three words would be; monochrome, prints and neutrals!

5. Ride in a helicopter 

Done! I received a flight in a helicopter as a gift and wrote a bit more about my experience in this sick tings post! It was such a great afternoon!

6. Throw a huge uni house party

Done! For my 20th birthday, my pals and I hosted a house party and it was such a good night. I mentioned it a bit more in this sick tings post, but, let's just say a lot of alcohol was consumed that night... 

7. Do more volunteering

This is one that I haven't actually completed but really should! Working full time means that I really have to organise my time well if I want to get things done, and this is an example of something that hasn't made it past the to-do list. That being said, my Mum and I did do a community litter pick not tooooo long ago! 

8. Get better at public speaking 

Done! Third-year at uni involved a lot of presentations and you really do get better with practice, take it from me! I know people always say that public speaking gets easier the more you do it but it's actually true and it becomes less and less terrifying the more you do it. 

9. Run a Parkrun in under 22 minutes

Hahahahahhah. I don't think I've even run a Parkrun since I wrote this post, let alone hit such a major PB... That being said, I should probably get back into Parkruns, they're an easy way to get some exercise in! (You can read my tips for Parkrun here)

10. Drive for the first time since my test

Done! Not only has she driven for the first time but she has also had her own car for 6 months, commutes to work in rush hour and has driven to London and back a couple of times... Look at her go! A while ago I wrote a post on driving lesson tips and advice which might be a good read for anyone currently going through the process!

11. Learn more than just GCSE Spanish

I did download Duolingo and got a three-day streak but that was about it on the learning more Spanish front.

I got an A in GCSE Spanish and would love to continue to learn more, but this just hasn't been on my priority list. Perhaps this can be my next challenge for 2020?

12. Become more politically aware

I'm not going to pretend I know the ins and outs of every party, and the voting history for each member of parliament but I'd definitely say I'm becoming more politically aware.

13. Spend a week without social media

This is one that is pretty much impossible now that I work in social media but maybe I'll manage it one day, huh?

14. Find a new hobby

I'm yet to find a new hobby but if anyone has any ideas of things I could get into I'd love to hear them...

15. Get a tattoo

No tattoos as of yet and none are planned in the immediate future!

16. Visit all my home pals at their unis

Promising to do this and not following it through is something I'm SO guilty of. So far, I think I've only visited one of my pals in their uni city... Why did they choose unis so far away, huh?

17. Reach 1000 Bloglovin followers 

Done! As always, thank you for all of the support over here on Becc4, it really does mean a lot! There are over 1600 of you now, so that's pretty cool, huh?

18. Visit New York

Hasn't happened yet but there have been mentions of a trip potentially happening this year... One day I WILL make it to the Big Apple. 

19. Talk my parents into getting us a puppy 

Done! When I wrote this post this seemed a pretty much impossible task, but, it's 2020, and we have Murphy. Oh, how these things change... 

20. Climb a mountain

This is still firmly on the 'to-do' rather than the 'completed' list but one day I will get round to doing it!

21. Raise £100 for charity

Again, another one I haven't managed to do... I really am doing quite poorly on this list, aren't I?!

Have you got any goals set for the near future?


  1. Congrats on achieving so many of these! Also taking a week away from social media sounds very tempting..


    1. Eeeeek, thanks gal!
      Yes - let's do it!! x