2019 In Review

7 January 2020

Wowee, 2019 was a busy year for me. Rather than ramble away about all sorts of little things that happened last year I thought we could chat through the Top Nine from my personal Instagram account. I mean, I would've used my blog one but it was literally just outfit flatlays and pancakes, and that doesn't make for a very interesting post nor a very comprehensive roundup of the year. So, here we go, let's get straight into it, shall we? These were (some of) the highlights of Becca's 2019...

A roundup of my 2019 featuring graduating university, getting a puppy, a fab family holiday and turning 21.

1. Graduation 

After three years of working her bum off, partying hard and living with her best pals she only went and did it, she graduated! It was SUCH a special day, I loved every second of it and it's almost worth going back to university just to do all over again. 

I loved seeing my best friends graduate knowing how hard they had worked and I honestly felt such a huge burst of pride when I saw them up on stage each having their moment. It was also really really nice to take my family to my university for the day and for them to finally meet my friends, and also see me up on that stage. I did it!!!

2. Murphy 

Our little fluffy bundle of joy entered our lives in July and I genuinely couldn't imagine my life without him now. He's such a little character, he's so full of energy and he genuinely makes us cry with laughter pretty much on a daily basis. He's the cutest little thing and I still can't believe we have a dog of our own, to be honest?! My sister and I have been asking and asking for a puppy for years and we actually have one now, thank you 2019! 

3. Getting A First 

Whilst I did have the best time of my life at university and get up to all manner of things, I did also manage to get some work done and bagged myself a first!! We were emailed our results the day before I was scheduled to fly out for our family holiday, so, it's fair to say that that was one fantastic way to celebrate the good news! 

4. Completing My Dissertation

I mentioned it a few times over here on my blog, but my dissertation was on homelessness and involved completing data analysis, in situ, in various homeless hostels. As you can imagine, getting ethical approval and permission to conduct the research wasn't particularly easy. It took such a long time, and with the tight deadline looming, I think that was the most stressful period of my life thus far and I'm not someone who gets easily stressed! But, I got it done and was really proud of the end product!

5. Turning 21

So, I'm actually starting to feel old now. I turned 21 in 2019 and whilst it doesn't have all that much significance legally or culturally here in the UK, it did sort of feel like a big deal. 

To celebrate, I had all of my closest friends round to my student house for DIY cocktails before heading to my favourite trashy student club.

6. Festivals and Working With PLT

2019 saw me attend yet more festivals and I was even lucky enough to work with Pretty Little Thing in the process. They sent me a whole load of gorgeous festival attire - which I styled here - and wore to various festivals and day raves over the summer. Those neon orange flares were by far my favourite piece - how cool are they?!

7. Grad Ball

Yet another university-based highlight... Grad Ball was such a fun night, we all got dressed up, headed down to the University and had a fab night of activities, drinking and dancing. There was a casino, a silent disco, the world's best curly fries, ample photo opportunities and all of my university cohort. It was a really fun night and such a fab way to end the three years! 

8. Mauritius 

I mentioned my family holiday earlier and I was very lucky that the destination was Mauritius in 2019. The food was incredible, the beaches beautiful and we managed to do all sorts of cool things. We swam with wild sea turtles, fed giraffes, explored the capital, did some water sports and just had a really nice time away as a family. 10/10. 

9. New Year's Eve 2018

Now, arguably this is the only photo in this top nine with no significance... I took it before heading out on NYE in 2018 wearing a dress from this Finding A Christmas Day Outfit blog post. We went to a club, we had a good night, and I'm not sure what else there is to say about this one... 

So there we have it, a roundup of my 2019. What were the highlights of your year?

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