Our Typical Christmas Day


The penultimate Blogmas post of 2019 is here, can you believe it? I mean, as someone who works full time I certainly can't believe it. One big pat on the pat for me, from me. For today's post I thought we'd have a chat about the typical Christmas Day in the Martin Household. Feeling nosy? Let's dive straight in shall we...

A rundown of the typical Christmas day on the Martin household!

7-8am: Wake upppppppp, run downstairs and see if Santa has been! In our house, the first one to wake up always goes and wakes the others, and I have a feeling it'll be our puppy Murphy this year!

8-10am: A few presents get opened, a load of profiteroles get eaten - the ONLY suitable breakfast at Christmas am I right? 

10-11am: Get dressed, wearing new clothes that Santa may or may not have brought... Can we just talk about how funny it is that we all get dressed up to sit in our lounge for the day.

11-12pm: More presents, yay! 

12-2pm: Loitering around the kitchen asking is it ready yet and getting in Mum's way. 

2-3pm: THE BEST PART OF THE DAY: Lunchtime !!! Time to fill oneself with as much food as humanly possible, God Tier trio of trimmings I'm looking at you! 

3-7pm: A mishmash of naps, games, more presents and snacking on leftovers from lunch 

7- bedtime: Time for new pjs, more food and a lounge on the sofa watching all of the Christmas specials. 

What do you do on Christmas Day?

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  1. Your Christmas day sounds really similar to mine, its so funny we get dressed up to go to our living rooms hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September