My First Week of Full-Time Work - A Lifestyle Catch up

6 October 2019

Well, hello there, it's been a short while since we last spoke hasn't it?! I know it's always my excuse but I really have been busy recently. 

I finished my internship at the university, had a weekend with the dog on my own and just this past week I started my first proper job! I mean, I've had a number of jobs previously but this is my first real adult job, and so, for today's post, I thought we'd just have a bit of a ramble about how I'm getting on... 

A lifestyle catch up all about my first week at work, what my new role is and what it entails

Now, as I'm sure most of you are aware I studied Psychology at University, and I didn't have all that many contact hours. I mean, I literally had about 8 hours a week actually based at the university, so it's fair to say I was very much in charge of my own routine. If I didn't want to do any work one day (or week, oops) I wouldn't do any. I mean, I did end up graduating with a first, so I must have fit some work in amongst the days out, festivals, meals out, socials, shopping trips and whatever else I was doing...

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is that for the last 3 years I've pretty much been able to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted. Every day has felt like a Saturday. Alas, I now have an office job, a 9-5:30, 5 days a week, office job. My day to day life now very much revolves around work and I absolutely took my time at uni for granted. If anyone is reading this and is still a student: GO OUT, HAVE FUN, MAKE THE MOST OF IT. I'm only a week into my new job and I already miss having all that freedom.

That being said, I really don't fancy doing a masters and besides doing another BSc, there's no way I can go back to those times, so, onwards and upwards. It's time for Becca to be a real adult and have a proper job.

So, what is my new role? What have I updated my LinkedIn bio to say? Well, I am in fact a Social Media Account Manager - doesn't that have a nice ring to it. Essentially, I run the social accounts for a number of different brands and companies. This involves coming up with ideas for shoots, planning content, reporting all the analytics, scheduling content, community management - it really is just running someone's social media accounts on their behalf.

My first week at work absolutely flew by and I feel like I've already learnt A LOT. I've written both weekly and monthly reports for my clients, worked on an in-house photoshoot and drafted up a load of ideas for the coming months - hellooooo cosy Christmas content. We all know that's my favourite thing EVER. My manager took me and the other girls out for lunch on my first day, and on Friday we finished early and headed to a local bar for a cocktail... A pornstar martini is by far the best way to end a first week at work isn't it?!

I'm still getting used to my new routine, but I do get home in time to make it to my gym classes, which I'm far more pleased about than I ever thought I would be... I also have my weekends free too which is fantastic, and, as someone who has previously worked in retail, it really is an absolute blessing.

I would, however, like to start a petition for 3 day weekends - 2 days just isn't long enough! The time just absolutely flies by.

Now, I'd love to be nosy... What do you do for work? Are you a student? Let's have a chat in the comments...


  1. Aw congratulations on the new job, it sounds like my dream job, I'd love to work full time in social media! I hope you love it!
    Soph - x

  2. I started working full time in May and it's been a shock to the system. I'm finding I have to be so much more organised with cleaning and tidying because I only have small windows now and I don't want to do it all the time!

  3. Love the sound of your new job Becca, sounds right up my street so I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm in my last year at uni and its already tough but I'm hoping it'll be rewarding in the end!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. Congratulations on your job! I hope you're enjoying it x


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