Let's Catch Up, Shall We?


Hello hello hello, it's been a while since we've just had a rambly chat, hasn't it? I used to love writing my Sick Tings posts every Sunday and having a chinwag about what I'd been up to. But, since I've started working full time, I'm gonna be honest, my life has just been a bit dull... There's nothing interesting about a weekly roundup that just consists of work, work and more work with a few gym classes thrown in there too for good measure. So, for now, we're going to keep those ST posts on pause, and, instead, I figured we'd just have a catch up on my last few weeks...

I'm still interning at the university, so my Monday-Friday is spent doing work for that. I'm fortunate that I can do all of that from home, meaning unlimited puppy cuddles and cups of decaf tea (my personal fave) all day long. The project that I'm working on really is huge, but I've made a very good start and it's mad to think that I've only got 2 more weeks left. Where did those other 7 go? I haven't really spoken much about the project, but, for anyone who is interested, I'm currently writing a meta-synthesis of papers on workplace wellbeing. Essentially, I'm doing a huge overview of lots of other papers and studies and drawing conclusions based on all of the literature. Does that make sense? I hope so, it's too late if not.

The biggest part of my last few weeks has been getting a new job! A proper job! I had two interviews and was told this week that I'd been offered the job, wahey! It's for a local social media company and my official title will be 'Social Media Account Manager'. It's got a nice ring to it, hasn't it? I don't start there for another fortnight (until my contract at the university comes to an end) but I'm so excited to get stuck in, and of course, I'll tell you alllll about it!

As I'm sure you're all well aware, I got a new puppy shortly after graduation and he really has been keeping me busy. We take him to obedience classes once a week, as well as a puppy club on a Saturday morning for socialisation. We've taught him sit, stay and 'watch me' and just this weekend we've been working on 'leave' - which, lemme tell you, is perhaps the one we need most. Do all dogs love eating things they shouldn't?! We also spent this morning at a local cockapoo meet-up, and yesterday we took him to the New Forest for the first time. So, it's fair to say our lives are very much revolving around the dog at the moment (not that I'm complaining, he's the cutest thing EVER). I'm still posting daily on his Instagram, so if you want a daily dose of cute puppy - that's the account for you.

Speaking of Instagram, I filmed my first chatty IGTV video the other day... So, if any of you creepers wanna hear what I sound like - that's the place to go. I'm currently doing Second Hand September (where I buy no new clothes for the entire month), so a charity shop haul was, of course, in order. Obviously with this new job I obviously needed some new workwear so obviously I bought some. If you want to see what I picked up, you can see it all here.

Other than that, not a lot has been going on really. I've just been bumbling along, doing all of the above and making the most of the last of the summer. I'm going to be honest though, I am so ready for autumn. I loooove A/W fashion, getting all cosy inside and of course, CHRISTMAS. I saw on Twitter today that the big day is now only 100 days away, yaaaaaaas!

What have you been up to recently?


  1. Congrats on the new job - I think you'll be amazing as a social media manager!!


  2. I'm so obsessed with your new pup Becca, he's literally the cutest lil thing! Also congratulations on the new job, you're gonna smash it!

    Lucy | Forever September