June To Do List

2 June 2019

Becc4 June To-Do List - a roundup of all the things I need to do this month
Ooooh, what's this? Is Becca trying out a new style of post? Yes, yes she is, and she has been heavily inspired by Fran, so thanks, Fran! As I've mentioned many a time before, May was a very busy month for me. I finished my dissertation, completed my last university exams EVER and also attended a couple of festivals.

Fast forward to now, it's June and I have been freeeeee for over a week now. I've spent the majority of this time living my best life, with a drink in hand, surrounded by my best pals. June is going to be a very busy month for me, so, I thought it was only right to compile a to-do list, because that's what proper adults do, right?...

001. Buy a car

Now, I passed my driving test when I was 17 but didn't bother buying a car as I knew that I would be going to university imminently and that I wouldn't really need one. Well, I'm now 21, university has come to an end and this gal needs a motor vehicle. I'm not entirely sure what kind of car I want nor do I know anything about cars, but I'm sure the second I buy one it'll have its own debut here on becc4.co.uk.

002. Find a job 

Ahhh, what a simple and straight-forward to-do list I'm compiling myself here... No, but seriously, one of my tasks for this month is to find a job, a proper job! I do actually have some work lined up, through my contacts at the university, for one day a week in the homelessness sector, but obviously that alone won't suffice. I have started looking, I just need to keep going and start applying for roles that I think would work well for me... Wish me luck!

003. Partaaaaaay

My social calendar for this coming week has never been so busy. I genuinely have plans to go out-out every single night this week, but we'll see how many we manage before we bail and opt for a dominos and Netflix night instead. This week I have a boat ball and grad ball, as well as my last few student nights everrrrrr!

004. Find outfits for said social occasions! 

Well, I say I have all these events to attend but I don't actually have my outfits sorted yet. I have ordered many a dress online and spent the day in town today wandering, but I still haven't found anything quite right. I'm also not entirely sure what I'm looking for which doesn't really help... I've heard through the grapevine that a lot of people are wearing full-on ball gowns to the ball, whilst others are just wearing a summery dress, so I really have no idea what to go for. But, I need to figure this all out asap considering the ball is on Saturday!

005. Go on holidaaaay

Okay, so this hardly counts as a chore to add to a to-do list, but it very much is something I'm going to be doing this month. My family and I are off to Mauritius towards the end of June and I am soooo ready for some sunshine. Even though the weather has been sunny here, it's not quite the same as holiday sun, is it?

What are your plans for June?


  1. I hope you accomplish everything! I don't think I actually have any plans for June (for once)! x

  2. Good luck reaching your goals! I don't drive and it's actually on my life bucket list to learn but I have a massive fear of driving and I'm not the best passenger either lol! Also, with you on the partaaaying, I need to get out more but keep favouring the good ol' Netflix.

  3. I can't wait to see what car you get! I've had my first car a year and I already want a new one hahaha

    Gemma Louise

  4. good luck with your job search! and have the bestest time in Mauritius xx

  5. I love this blog post idea. I'm terrible with lists, haha. But one thing I do want to do is learn to drive. It may not happen this month but hopefully soon x

    Lauren | www.bylaurenmay.com

  6. I love a good to do list! Good luck with your job search and the car!

    Katie | www.justkatiee.com XX

  7. I'm also on the job hunt now that uni's over... such a simple task on the surface but actually so difficult! Wishing you luck gal!

    Lauren | laurenjcole.wordpress.com

  8. Sounds like such an exciting month for you Becca - I hope you enjoy all the parties. How exciting that you're off to Mauritius as well, I'm jealous!

    Lucy | Forever September

  9. It is an exciting time, good luck on finding your first car, that in itself is exciting!

    Amy x
    The July Rose


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