Helloooo (Yep, I'm Still Here)

28 May 2019

Woweeee, it's been a while, hasn't it? Four weeks to be exact. It's fair to say that they were a veryyyy busy four weeks and I'm very glad to see the back of them. Anyway, I CANNOT believe that I've  finished university now?! How is it all over already? I've spoken a lot about my uni experience over here on my blog but it genuinely has been the best time ever. Who'd have thought I'd be leaving uni with so many good pals and great memories, huh?

So, a quick recap of the last month or so... I finally finished my dissertation after a very stressful few months trying to get it all sorted. My results were very significant (P<.001 !!!) and I'm very pleased with how it turned out! My results even ended up supporting the research that my supervisor is currently doing, so that's pretty cool! On my course, we submit our diss' online meaning we can't have our stand by the uni, holding our diss photo that we've been working for 3 years waiting for... So, I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally) and improvise.

After submitting my diss it was straight into revision. I only had 2 exams this year but there was a lot of content covered in them both. So, I pretty much spent the next three weeks with my head in a textbook, trying to remember as much as I possibly could. As for my exams, I feel that one went significantly better than the other, and thankfully the better one contributes more to my overall degree, so we'll just cross our fingers and hope for the best!

My final exam was over by 11.30 on the 24th of May, so my pals and I proceeded to spend the rest of the day drinking Thatchers in the sun. For dinner, we went to Toby Carvery (amazing, as always) before getting an early night ahead of the busy weekend...

So, Saturday saw me attend Mutiny (or South Central as it's now known) for the third year in a row and it was genuinely a fantastic day. The sun was out, the drinks were flowing and the music was fab. The top 3 highlights for me were definitely Macky Gee, John Newman and Craig David. I literally danced allllll day long - is there a better way to celebrate finishing exams?

Hmmm, I think there is, how about 2 festivals in 2 days? I was very kindly gifted a couple of tickets to Bournemouth 7s this year, and so that's where we spent our Sunday! (Once we'd eaten and partially recovered from the day before!) I'd actually never been to 7s before, which, considering everyone and their brother from my hometown goes, is a bit shoddy really. We didn't end up watching all that much rugby in the end, opting instead for the 80s/90s dance tent, which was fab! (Who'd have thought that would be where Becca chose to spend her afternoon?!) We left just after midnight and it's fair to say we were both a little shattered - it is confirmed, Becca cannot hack a 3-day bender anymore.

What have you been up to recently?


  1. Congrats on your dissertation results and for finishing uni girl! It's crazy how quick it flies by. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate end of exams than with a Toby Cavery tbh, I swear I did the same last year haha. Hope you have a lovely summer! x

    Evie x | www.eviejayne.co.uk

  2. Congratulations on finishing uni - and your dissertation! - I am sure you did amazingly


  3. congrats on finishing uni you superstar! busy few weeks for you gal hope you've got plenty of time to relax now x

  4. Congrats on finishing uni! I don't think I'd cope so well myself x

    Lauren | www.bylaurenmay.com

  5. So proud of you Becca, you've done so well with uni and congrats on your results!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. Am starting my Psychology research project next year and picking a topic this summer, am hoping my results are as ace as yours!! Loved reading about the progress of your research project on the blog xx


  7. Congratulations on finishing uni. Fingers crossed you get the results you want(I'm sure you will). x

    Lauren | www.bylaurenmay.com

  8. Congratulations on finishing Uni, it goes by so fast doesn't it. I hope you got the results you wanted and have fun at your graduation! :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose


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