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25 March 2019

Ooooh, two posts in one day? I was so busy yesterday hanging out with my friends that I genuinely didn't have the chance to sit down and have a natter about all the things I got up to in my birthday week. But, spoiler: I had a really good week!

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring my 21st birthday, three cream teas and varsity against Portsmouth

I said in last week's Sick Tings post that I was going to save my birthday weekend at home for this post, so, here we are. After spending a couple of days in London to see Post Malone I headed back home-home for a couple of days. I opened my birthday cards and presents, had birthday cake and then we went for a delicious meal. We actually went somewhere I'd never been before: Miller and Carter Steakhouse (the Bournemouth branch) and it was deliiiish! We had creamy mushrooms and pulled beef garlic bread to start, then I had a steak for my main, and a caramel apple crumble tart with custard for dessert and it was amazing! Lemme tell you, there's nothing more bouijee than a three-course lunch. My Grandma very kindly gifted me a Pandora gift voucher so I spent that after lunch and you can see what I chose here. I received so many other incredible presents including this bag here and plenty of other things that I'm sure will end up on my Instagram at some point! Thank youuuu, everyone!

That was the Saturday, on the Sunday my parents and I went for a cream tea, shock, how else was I going to want to spend the weekend? Well, funnily enough, it actually ended up being two cream teas and I'm embarrassed to admit that I couldn't quite finish the second. We went to two different tearooms in Christchurch, and one was significantly better than the other. (There are blog posts coming soon as part of my Finding The Best Cream Tea On The South Coast, don't you worry!) We then had a roast dinner (another of my faves) before I headed back to uni for the penultimate week before the holidays. 

Monday, was as always, just a day spent at uni! I did get to meet my supervisor, however, and we chatted all about my research project and he really put my mind at ease. I still don't have ethical approval for my study but he was saying that I really shouldn't worry and there will be other options if time really does start running out. 

And, Tuesday, my 21st birthday! Toria and I made pancakes for breakfast (what else? I really am so on-brand) and they were fab. I had my usual strawberries and white chocolate and they were incredible. I then went to my lecture - is that a bit a sad on your birthday (???) - and it was on maternal mortality, so that was a very cheery one it's fair to say. Then, I came home and for lunch Toria, Rhi and I went for a cream tea! Again, so on-brand. This one was at Kettle and Cake which I've already posted allll about and it was fab. 

Then, that evening, was my birthday night out. My sister and her boyfriend came, a load of my best pals came and it was all just really good fun. I bought all the ingredients to make pornstar martinis after my sister bought me a really pretty cocktail set, and they were fab. It helps to have a sister and a best pal who both have jobs making cocktails at a bar... After getting suitably 'merry' (absolutely sh*t-faced doesn't sound so good) we headed off to one of my favourite clubs in Southampton, and the only place to be on a Tuesday: Sobar. 

A very good night was had, and Wednesday, and some of Thursday, was spent making up for it. I watched all of the episodes of Afterlife on Netflix and I loved it! It was simultaneously really funny but also really sad, it's really really clever. 

The rest of the week was just spent doing uni work what with all of these deadlines coming up, so there isn't very much to report from Friday and Saturday.

Sunday, however, was Varsity day! I'd never been before, but, every year Southampton Uni take on Portsmouth Uni in all sorts of sports, and the winner of each game/match/race wins a number of points. The overall winner is then awarded the Varsity cup for the year. This year the event was being held at Portsmouth, so my pals and I headed down there and spent the day watching football, rugby, hockey, and athletics, drank snakebites and ate a load of Domino's pizza. Southampton won Varsity again this year, woop woop, but at lunchtime it was looking like it was going to be a Portsmouth win. However, we managed to pull it back and won by quite a significant margin, wahey!

Then, that evening, my pals came round for dinner and we had a really nice evening just chatting about all sorts of things... Just hanging out, yanno?

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Sounds like you had a sick birthday! I was gonna say that you’re probably all cream tea-ed out by now but I don’t think there’s ever a limit to how many cream teas - or pancakes for that matter - is too many! X

  2. Love this posts and the way you have your photos! Sounds like you had a lovely week :-) I spent my week procrastinating from doing my dissertation hahah
    Sarah x

  3. Sounds like you had a fab birthday week Becca, the food at the Miller & Carter sounds delish too. Afterlife is brilliant isn't it?! I cried and laughed so much, so good!

    Lucy | Forever September


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