My Relationship With Makeup: Getting Back With An Ex

6 March 2019

Okay, so something rather surprising has happened recently, I’ve actually got back into makeup, beauty hauls, tutorials, new releases, the lot. Don’t get me wrong I haven’t not been wearing makeup for the last few years, I’ve been reaching for the same few products creating the same few (read: two) looks and just getting on with my day. Spending five mins max concealing my spots, applying some mascara, filling in my brows and setting my entire face. If I’m going out, I might add some eyeshadow and lipstick to the mix, but that’s about it.. You could say that makeup and I's relationship got a bit too comfortable. Stale some might say.

Well, things are changing.

A ramble about my on/off relationship with makeup and where we're at now and where I plan on taking my blog in the future.

I used to really love doing my makeup whilst I was at school. I think the majority of us had a phase like that. We’d slap a load of makeup on before school because God forbid our classmates seeing us without at least 3 coats of mascara and a thick layer of orange foundation, the horror. I mean, I even used to wear gold eyeshadow to school everyday… Okay, babes, you do you. 

Since being at uni, however, things have changed an awful lot. For one, I have a very empty timetable so quite a few days of the week I don’t have anything I need to attend, and even when I do there’s not that routine structure that most people are used to. I only get dressed when I have to (lol, talk about lazy) and so whacking some makeup on my face is oh so unlikely. Plus, I live with my best pals – they see me without makeup and have also seen me in all sorts of other states – so I really couldn’t care less how I look… Is that a weird thing to say? Have I lost the plot? Anyway, what I’m trying to say in this backwards, rambly way is that I rarely wear makeup at uni, unless I’m going out-out, and even then you won’t find any cut creases around these parts. 

Maybe this is all just part of ‘growing up’ and ‘being comfortable in your own skin’ and all that malarkey. I’ve spoken about it previously quite a few times but I really don’t have nice skin. I’ve had acne on and off for about 5 years now, and only in the last couple of years have I been comfortable going out without my safety blanket of an inch of concealer. Throwback to year 11 and the thought of leaving the house without any makeup I’d be petrified. Now, I don’t give a flying fook. And I think that’s incredible. It’s so easy to get so caught up in what we look like and in turn letting that affect how we feel. Well, so long sucker, not anymore. 

Anywaaaaay, I was watching Youtube videos with Rhi the other day and we watched a new in beauty haul and out of nowhere I just really felt like jumping head first back into the beauty community again. So much so that I then spent my evening watching beauty videos and reading all sorts of blogs about new-in beauty products. Name any new product release and I can guarantee I don’t know a thing about it. I’ve genuinely been so out of the loop the last few years. But, guess what, I’m back. 

This has all come at such a convenient time too. My sister recently bought me a Tarte sample kit because she wants to treat me to a Shape Tape foundation for my birthday, what a legend. The kit contains different colour testers of the matte and hydrating foundations as well as the concealer, alongside a mini mascara and eyeliner also. I was also really kindly gifted the most gorgeous PR from Pixi Beauty for Galentine’s Day and I’ve been loving trying it out. 

So, what was the point of this post I hear you all asking? Well, I just wanted to have a chat about my relationship with makeup and how we’ve recently taken things to the next level. And by that, I mean, we’re going to start seeing each other a little more often again. We’re not meeting up every day, but things are getting a little bit serious and I think we might even start trying out some new, more extreme, things, ooo-er.

I received some gorgeous beauty bits for Christmas (YSL Touche Eclat I’m looking at you) so I think I’m going to start making a ‘what I’m trying’ kind of post a regular thing around these parts. I’m by no means an expert, but I figured these beauty posts could all be branded under a ‘dummies guide to…’ umbrella and we’d just have a chat about products purely from my little product knowledge and actual experiences. How does that sound? Good, I hope because it’s going to be coming your way regardless…

How is your relationship with makeup going? Is it on and off or has it been going solidly for years?


  1. I can completely relate to this! A few years back I was so obsessed with makeup and buying new prodcuts to add to my collection weekly. Now I'm more invested in my skincare and rarely ever buy makeup, but just the past couple of weeks I've felt more like I want to buy some new products and refresh my collection x

    Lauren |

  2. This post resonates with me so much! When I first started blogging over 5 years ago, I knew about every new product release and loved putting on my makeup.
    Since being at uni and working in a nursery I wear the same couple of looks, and I'd love to get back into it again x

  3. I can relate to this too, I went full out when I started blogging, wanted all the fancy bits, but never wore much makeup. I still don’t really. Only if we are out. If we are chilling inside I don’t wear any... 👏🏻 I still lovvvve makeup, just don’t have anywhere to wear it to these days.. I Can’t wait to see more beauty posts c

  4. I have such an up and down relationship with buying makeup but I think that’s so healthy! You can’t be expected to be on top of every piece of beauty news or new release. When I’m in a slump I go through the makeup I have and experiment more and really enjoy that phase, because I also see what my collection or routine is lacking. Falling back into beauty though and getting amongst the community though is always super fun! Keen to read more beauty posts from you in the future :)

  5. Loved this post! And the clever title ;) I don’t actually wear much makeup a bit if eyebrow pencil and lip balm but I would love to do more on a regular basis! My biggest regret was not wearing more on graduation day I felt so uncomfortable in myself :(( thank you for this read and the inspiration x x

  6. I must say my relationship with make up is stronger than the relationships I’ve had with guys haha!

  7. I think I’m the opposite of you, I can’t go out without makeup on even now - but in my uni days I used to spend about 2 hours EVERY day on my face, liner, lashes the lot and now I’m so laid back and natural with it plus I have to do my face within 10 mins these days 😂

  8. I enjoyed this post! I have an on-off relationship with makeup and can go weeks without wearing any, but I like how it makes me feel when I have it on! I love a good sparkly eyeshadow too xo

    Char |

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