Winter Fashion Favourites

10 December 2018

I still can't decide whether I prefer summer fashion or winter fashion. I mean, they're both so very different but at the moment I think I'm definitely swaying towards winter. I love the variety the colder seasons bring. Summer tends to be about wearing as little as socially acceptable to prevent sweating like a roast in the bag chicken from Asda, whereas winter is all about layering up, being cosy and different kinds of textures. This year I've really been getting into skirts and dresses, two things I would never usually reach for being a jeans girl through and through. 

Speaking of, the grey check skirt is from H&M and I picked it up on Black Friday for £7.20, whatta bargain. It's a bodycon but thankfully is actually a really nice length. I have really long legs and skirts usually look like belts on me, but this one fits really nicely. The pinafore dress is from Primark and is surprisingly flattering. It's not too long nor too short and cinches in at the waist. It instantly makes you look like you've made far more effort with your outfit than you have and I am so here for that. Oooh, and it was only £12. Go and get it pals, go and get it. 

The cream Monki jumper is an absolute staple of mine and was actually part of an outfit flatlay that went viral on Pinterest. It's had over 1.5 million impressions and 30k saves, so yeah, I'm basically famous now. I love pairing it with jeans, skirts, the pinafore, it just looks great with anything. Thank you Monki, thank you. 

Now, a jumper dress isn't something I've worn since I was about 8 and my Mum was buying me clothes in Gap kids, but I recently spotted this red one and I'm a convert. It's really really cosy and looks fab with tights and boots, another easy to chuck on looks like you've made way more effort than you have combo. This specific dress is from Primark and if they have any other colours I think I will definitely need to pick them up. 

And finally, accessories. I use my black Kate Spade bag allllll year round (it's not just a winter pick) but felt it ought to make it's debut over here on Becc4 as I absolutely love it. It's the perfect size and goes with any outfit, it's great. 

What would a winter fashion picks post be without a pair of boots? I love the gold heels on these, they're so gorgeous. I need to make more of a conscious effort to wear my boots rather than just be lazy and slip my trainers on. (Note to self: put boots by the front door and hide all trainers). 

What are your winter fashion staples?


  1. The Kate Spade bag is absolutely gorgeous oh my!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. That cord dress is gorgeous! May have to hunt that one down


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