The Becc4 Christmas House Tour


green christmas tree with gold rose gold and white baubles
grey room with mantlepiece and christmas decorations
black orange and gold bauble wreath
bedroom with christmassy pillows and a christmas tree

As you are reading this it is actually my sister's eighteenth birthday, so this blogmas post is just going to be short and sweet, this gal's got things to be doing today... I thought it might be a nice idea to take a few photos of some of the decorations up around my family home and showcase them over here on so today's post is going to be exactly that. Now, I'm not sure how helpful this post is going to be as I have no idea where a lot of the items are from, but yanno, maybe these photos can be taken as inspiration or if not might be a good way to waste a minute or two whilst you wait for the kettle to boil.

Our tree is a green artificial one from M&S and the baubles are from all over the world, literally. We have some from Florida and Bali, and the rest are from garden centres, Primark, M&S and The Range. The theme is gold, rose gold and white and I think it looks beautiful. Over the years we've had some pretty raucous looking trees, including a phase of having an orange and purple theme, so it's fair to say this one is miles ahead. I love it.

As for the rest of the things, I'm not entirely sure where they're from but if you have any burning questions leave them in the comments and I'll get my Mum to rack her brains. This year we got rid of all of our tinsel (sorry to any hardcore tinsel lovers) and I think our house looks so much better for it!

The theme in my room this year is red and white - much like my Instagram theme - it's almost like it was planned or something... (There's a whole post on things I've done deliberately for the gram here if you'd like to read it. This would definitely be number 8.) Again, I can't entirely remember where everything is from but the majority is M&S and the red heart baubles were new from Tiger this year!

How have you decorated your house this year?
Does your tree have a theme?


  1. I love the decorations on the mantelpiece!

  2. It looks amazing, so festive! I love the bauble wreath!

    Lucy | Forever September