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9 December 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring our house Christmas meal, a giveaway and an attempt at ice skating
This week has been so festive and I have LOVED it. We've had all sorts of things going on; from ice skating to decorating the tree, a Christmas house party and of course the much-awaited house Christmas meal. Whatta week it's been. I literally love December and everything it brings with it.

If there's one thing I am particularly terrible at, it's anything that involves balance. I'm not known for my balancing skills, and it's a bit of a running joke, so it's fair to say that ice skating didn't come naturally to me. We went for one of my best pals' birthday and it was really nice - you won't be seeing me pirouetting with Torvill and Dean anytime soon though. We then went for Franco Manca afterwards for yet another 10/10 pizza. If Franco Manca are reading this and fancy sponsoring me, pls slide into my DMs.

Speaking of DMs, guess who hit 2K over on Instagram this week?!?! (@becc4_blog if you were wondering). Yep, it was this girl. To celebrate, I'm hosting a giveaway across all of my social media platforms - you can enter here on Twitter, here on Instagram and by commenting on this blog post. The prizes include a Morphe palette, a Japonesque brush set, and some Christmas goodies. The giveaway closes on the 18th and is UK only to make sure it arrives just in time for the big day. So, go go go.

This week I also booked a last minute trip to Iceland for next week. I'm going with my best friend, we've got an airbnb in the center of Reykjavik and I am SO EXCITED. We have tickets to the Blue Lagoon as well as a day trip to all of the main sights. I've bought some thermals and a ski jacket, have my walking boots ready and am all checked in for the flights. I'm sure there'll be plenty of pics going up on my Instagram so get ready for the travel spam.

Saturday was by far the best day of the week. We had our house Christmas dinner and it was AMAZING. For any of you regular becc4 readers you'll already know how much I love roast potatoes so it will come to no shock that we made two whole trays of the beauties. Heaven. We made pigs in blankets, had yorkshire puddings and stuffing balls, chicken, roast parsnips, a load of veg and alllll the gravy. We really had an absolute feast. Oh, and a choice of three desserts and custard after. That evening we attended a Christmas themed house party and it was so much fun. Is there anything better than dancing around, drunkenly shouting Christmas songs with your best pals? I think not.

Today has been a really chilled day. I've been at home-home in my new Christmas Disney onesie, I've had my first mince pie of the season, put the Christmas tree up and fell asleep in front of a Christmas film. There is currently a roast in the oven and I think we should just discuss how much of a good Sunday today has been...

What have you been up to this week?
Have you ever been to Iceland?

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  1. Franco Manca pizza's are literally out of this world aren't they?! I went to one of their opening events in Reading last year and oh my goddd, so much pizza! I hope you have an amazing time in Iceland lovely, I'm so jealous!

    Lucy | Forever September


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