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23 December 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring my sister's 18th birthday, the prettiest red nails and another ice skating trip
Aaaand here we have it, the most festive Sick Tings post there ever was. Ice skating, Christmas cards, Christmas trees, cocktails, and Santa hats - it's gotta be the lead up to Christmas. This week has been really good, and as you can already see, full of festivities. I've done the last of my Christmas shopping, we did the food shop today and all of my presents are wrapped and under the tree. IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS.

This week my sister turned 18 and I cannot believe it?! E I G H T E E N?! To celebrate, we spent the day shopping and then went for a meal at TGI Friday's in the evening - her choice, of course. I actually think this could be the only time I've ever been to TGI's and not ordered the Jack Daniels Chicken Strips?! Becca, were you feeling okay? Instead, I had a burger and it was almost as tasty, nothing quite beats the chicken strips. Afterwards we headed to the skybar in Bournemouth for cocktails. I had the 'softcore porn' in case you were wondering and it was delish.

On the topic of alcohol, I also had a very last minute night out this week. And when I say last minute, I mean my friend text me at 4.30pm suggesting we go out and by 8pm I was at his house having pres. Now, spontaneous nights out are very much the norm at uni, but where I live at a home is a bit out of the way, so a night out is always a bit of a logistical nightmare and requires a lot of planning. I had a really good time and certainly was feeling it the next day. Don't mix vodka, gin, whiskey and jaeger my dudes.

Look who has fake nails for the first time in forever! I'm not usually a falsies kinda girl but I thought if there was ever a time to stick some on, it's Christmas. These were just almond shaped ones from Primark that I painted red and they've received a lot of love so far. They're taking some getting used to but I lowkey love them and the sound they make as I type this.

I also attended a bloggers event this week and took my sister as a plus one. The event was hosted by the BIC to promote their new ice rink, the largest indoor rink on the South Coast, mind you. My sister was not loving it - it's fair to say skating doesn't come naturally to us Martin gals, but it was really pretty and the crepes were incredible. Maybe one day I'll get better at skating, I'm not sure it's going to happen this festive season though.

Potentially my favourite blogmas post of the whole lot went up this week; The 2018 Christmas Ads As Rated By The Martin Fam. I got my family to sit down with me and we watched this year's Christmas ad offerings one by one, rating and reviewing them as we went. Spoiler: we hate the John Lewis one and thought Asda was definitely the dark horse of the lot of them. So, if you haven't already given that post a read, definitely go over and check it out...

This evening I'm off to a carol concert by candlelight and tomorrow I'm going for drinks with some of my best friends from home. I'll then be in bed by 8pm waiting for Santa preparing for the absolute feast coming my way in the form of 37293 roast potatoes, 1265 pigs in blankets and a vat of gravy...

What have you been up to this week?
Can you ice skate?

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  1. Happy belated 18th birthday to your sister! I'm sure you helped to make it a memorable one. I'm yet to read your Christmas Ads post but I know its going to make me laugh, I'll head over to that post after commenting here.

    This week has been another long week of juggling two jobs and doing double shifts but next week will be my last week of juggling two jobs as my Christmas temp position at River Island ends on the 27th. I've enjoyed it but the juggling two jobs life ain't for me, its sort of taken over my life.

    As for ice skating, I'm the type of person who clings onto the edge for the whole 45 minutes and finally gains the confidence in the last 15 minutes to let go then I'm skating around like a beautiful swan, in my opinion anyway.

    Fran |


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