Finding A Christmas Day Outfit

20 December 2018
So, I'm going to hold my hands up and say that I am very much a new outfit for every occasion kind of person. I know, it's a terrible habit, but it's just one of those things that I've been doing for as long as I can remember and one day I'm sure I will grow out of it. Well, at least I hope so. I don't have a) the finances or b) the wardrobe space. When a big day is approaching I can pretty much guarantee that parcels will arrive a few weeks in advance each containing a few potential outfits, the majority of which head back to the depot after trying them on for all of about three seconds. I usually opt for a dress, and so it'll come as no surprise that the three options I have here as potential Christmas Day outfits are also dresses. All three are very much safe options for me, and are things I usually gravitate towards so anyone that usually follows my style will appreciate that there are no whacky choices here.

I only bought my first jumper dress this year (you can check that one out here if you're interested), and here I am with my second already. I absolutely love this cream bodycon number* - it's so so cosy. On me, it is a little bit on the short side, so no bending over/doing anything at all for me in this one. That being said, the sleeves are really nice and long and actually reach my wrists, so yanno, you win some you lose some. The only risk with this one is a nice gravy stain right down the front of it... That or dessert.

What would a Christmas outfit post be without at least some red? (Or burgundy in this case!) This is the wine split leg midi* and I'm actually really starting to like it. When I first tried it on I really wasn't sure about the split on me, but I think it's definitely a grower. I'm not sure I'll be wearing this one Christmas day though, mind... I sized down in this one to make sure it was tight, and trust me, it is. There certainly isn't room for all the pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and stuffing balls I'm planning on eating. I think a midi dress is probably a better choice for Christmas though, nobody want's to be exposing themselves at the dinner table, that being said, there are so many gorgeous mini dresses to choose from... I'm not sure I can make up my mind!

And finally, a very Becca piece... A black bardot dress*. This one fits really well and again, the sleeves are more than long enough. (In case you hadn't already noticed, I have reaaaaaally long arms, and it's pretty common for things to only reach about my elbow. This is why I keep mentioning this - for me, it's very much a deal maker or breaker.) I paired this dress with some grey glittery sock boots to add a little bit of something to this otherwise slightly plain outfit. With a load of nice jewellery, I can imagine this looking pretty great on Christmas day.

Now, I've written and planned this post but I have a feeling I might spend my Christmas Day in the comfiest clothes I own to nurse my inevitable food baby. I mean, it's already started growing, December is the month for good food, am I right?!

What are you wearing on Christmas Day?
Do you also always buy new outfits for big occasions?

(I was gifted all three of these dresses by Femme Luxe, but as always, all opinions are my own)

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