Christmas Through The Years


Becc4 Christmas through the years
Becc4 Christmas through the years
Becc4 Christmas through the years
Becc4 Christmas through the years

Firstly, can you believe that it is Christmas Eve?!? The main man himself is popping down the chimney tonight, and tomorrow we'll be sat down enjoying the best meal of the entire year - I love Christmas. I always have and always will. 

As a child, I used to be a really fussy eater and didn't used to like roast dinners. I know, what a travesty. I'd pick around the good bits but turned my nose up at roast potatoes... Oh, how times have changed. It's almost as if I'm making up for missed time with my newfound obsession with roasts.

A permanent favourite of mine have always been pigs in blankets - I confessed my love for them in this post and this one, so yeah, it's fair to say I love them more than the typical person does. I've recently become more of a mince pie person, but only those fancy puff pastry ones. Miss me with those shortcrust ones - I don't fancy a mouth full of sand.

As for gifts, my sister and I have always been really fortunate and to quote my Dad 'our house used to look like a bloody Toys"R"Us store some years'. Rest in peace to the holy land that was Toys"R"Us at Christmas. Gone but never forgotten.

We received some incredible gifts over the years but I will never forget the year we were given a Nintendo Wii. They were the thing to have and my sister and I really wanted one. Christmas day rolled around, with no sign of a Wii, when my parents whipped one out on Boxing Day. My sister and I nearly weed with excitement (haha, geddit). It's fair to say that year, the rest of the festive period was spent challenging my relatives to a game of Wii bowling and pretending I knew what the heck I was doing.

Other presents of note include a nurses outfit and doctors case, a toy washing line (yep, I'm not sure why) and a wooden dolls house (that my sister ended up writing her name all over and scribbling on).

Back in the day, an absolute highlight was singing my heart out on Singstar with my neighbours, belting out Avril Lavigne's Complicated at the top of my lungs. We also used to have a board game called Rumble in the Jungle, (I'll link it on Amazon here) and it was genuinely the best thing ever. I remember being so excited when my parents agreed to play as it was a Christmas-only thing.

I've mentioned my family's Christmas tradition over here on becc4 before, but, in case you missed it, I'll mention it again. We all dance around my kitchen, whilst Fairytale of New York plays, waving bits of kitchen roll around. I think this tradition was started by my Nannie, yeaaaaaaars ago, and it's one of the highlights of Christmas.

Also, one more thing, shall we just take a moment to discuss how blonde I was as a child ?! I know I've dyed my hair darker, but wowee, I really was blonde.

Do you have any favourite Christmas memories?

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  1. Oh my god, I used to have one of those toy washing lines and also a toy ironing board. Its a shame I don't use the real things now haha!

    Lucy | Forever September