Becc4 Blogmas Roundup

25 December 2018

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope you all have the best day ever, filled with incredible food, family and festivities. I'm probably knees deep in roast potatoes right about now as you're reading this (no matter what time it is) and having the best time with my family. For today's post, I just thought I'd do a quick roundup of all of my blogmas posts for 2018... The perfect accompaniment to a snooze on the sofa after too much dessert, no? Dive in.

Day 1: Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers For Her
Day 2: Sick Tings 031
Day 3: Christmas Gift Guide: Mum's 
Day 4: Christmas Gift Guide: Dad's
Day 5: Christmas Party Outfit Picks 
Day 6: 7 Things I'd Rather Do Than Eat A Sprout
Day 7: Cracking Christmas Tag
Day 8: Becc4's 2K Blogmas Giveaway
Day 9: Sick Tings 032
Day 10: Winter Fashion Favourites 
Day 11: DIY Eco-Friendly(ish) Christmas Wrapping
Day 12: Festive Beauty Picks
Day 13: Triple Chocolate Christmas Tree Brownies
Day 14: The 15 Best Christmas Songs Ever Made
Day 15: Bloggers' Christmas Traditions Around The World
Day 16: My Three Days In Iceland
Day 17: Christmas On The South Coast
Day 18: 11 Things I Love About Christmas 
Day 19: The Becc4 Christmas House Tour
Day 20: Finding A Christmas Day Outfit
Day 21: The 2018 Christmas Ads As Rated By The Martin Fam
Day 22: The Best Of #ahomelychristmas
Day 23: Sick Tings 033
Day 24: Christmas Through The Years

Thank you for all of the support with my blogmas posts this year, love yaaa


  1. I admire anyone who takes part in blogmas, let alone completes it! You've covered some fab posts from the looks of things - will definitely be back tracking and catching up on a few of them! Congrats - hope you had a nice Christmas!


  2. I have huge respect for anyone who does Blogmas! It takes a lot of hard work, well done lovely! I hope you had a nice Christmas! xx

    Lucy |

  3. Wow well done on completing blogmas. I couldn’t do it!!! I loved your post on Christmas through the ages. It’s lovely to look back on Christmases gone by xxx


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