7 Things I'd Rather Do Than Eat A Sprout

6 December 2018

Whilst planning my Blogmas posts I realised just how much content was going to be created generally in the Blogosphere over the month of December. All of my favourite bloggers are also doing Blogmas, so when you times the number of bloggers by 24 days, that a lotttttt of posts. That's a lot of reading to get through. So, I decided to make today's post really short and sweet, and just a joke more than anything. I HATE sprouts and am always coerced into eating one every year at Christmas, so here are 7 things I'd rather do than eat a sprout...

1. Choke on a roast potato
2. Swim the English Channel
3. Not use my phone for the whole of December
4. Wear crocs on my wedding day
5. Subject myself to Christmas Pudding for dessert. (It's gross, but slightly less gross than sprouts.)
6. Not eat pizza for a week
7. Listen to Elvis Presley's Blue Christmas on repeat for an hour (and I haaaate that song)

What's your least favourite festive food?


  1. Wear crocs on your wedding day and I'm walking straight back out :)

    Fran | www.franciscarockey.co.uk

  2. I actually don't even hate sprouts that much, I can eat them but I totally get why you'd hate them hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September


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