2018 In Review - Part 1

30 December 2018

Hello all, welcome back! Are we all here safe and sound? Did we make it through Christmas without eating so much that we exploded and getting lost under a mountain of wrapping paper? Things have been oh so quiet over here on becc4.co.uk lately as it's fair to say that blogmas well and truly took it out of me. I successfully managed to upload 25 posts over the festive period. so if you haven't already seen them, do go and check them out! For today's post, however, I thought we'd have a little whistlestop tour of my 2018. Well, the first half of it at least, I have so much to say that I've split this post into two halves so expect the other installment soon. Now, on with the show...

Becc4s 2018 in review - January


I brought the New Year in with a few of my best friends, bevs in hand and it was lovely. We had a really good night and drank waaaay more than we should have. A few days later I then jetted off to Edinburgh with a few other friends to spend a few days in Scotland. I'd never been to Edinburgh (nor Scotland) before and absolutely loved the city, the weather? Not so much. I've told myself that I definitely need to go back in summer, there are quite a few things we didn't manage to do and I can imagine it's a totally different place in the summer! 

Towards the end of the month, I headed to London for the day. I spent the morning wandering around Oxford Street, going to all of my favourite shops and then headed to meet some friends in the afternoon. Now, they weren't just any friends, they were all the friends I made whilst volunteering out in Cambodia in 2017. It was so so nice to catch up and chat about everything we'd been up to since being back home. One girl even flew over from the States specifically for our meetup, cuuuute. 

Becc4s 2018 in review - February


The biggest thing that happened in February was the booking of our Southeast Asia trip. Now, I know I've mentioned it a lottttttt, but, in case any of you weren't aware, I spent this summer backpacking around Asia with one of my best pals. We'd been talking about it for ages and finally got round to booking it in February - eeeeek. 

February also contained a lotttt of nights out and, oh, how things have changed now. How I managed to go out so many times a week and still get things done I'll never know?! 

When the 14th rolled around it was time for our annual Galentine's Day tradition; dinner and fifty shades. This year, we made our own pizzas and garlic bread from scratch before heading to the cinema for another installment of Christian Grey. 

Becc4s 2018 in review - March


Ayyyy, my birthday month, and as you can see, a very busy one! The first thing to mention is of course the Beast from the East... Snow in March ?! Mental. It's fair to say we made the most of the uni closure days messing around in the snow - is there anything better than lobbing a handful of snow at your best friends? I think not. 

We hosted a big house party at our student house for my birthday and I had the best time ever. It was so nice to have all of my friends together in one place and to get dressed up. I then celebrated my actual birthday at home with my family, including the delicious pancakes I made myself for breakfast. Mmm mmm.

Then, it was time for the last of the birthday celebrations; a trip to Amsterdam with my sister. This was the first time we'd ever been away just the two of us and we had a really good time. I loved Amsterdam. We did all of the typical touristy things, ate a load of good food and just spent our days exploring the city.

Becc4s 2018 in review - April


A fairly uneventful month except for a few incredible highlights. Firstly, my friend Chris came to stay with me at uni. Now, I met Chris on my first day in Cambodia and we got on really well. He lives in the US but was travelling Europe and decided to make a stop to sunny Southampton. I took him for a Sprinkles, out clubbing and to a pirate house party - the classic uni experience if you ask me. 

I also went on a helicopter ride in April... My Mum bought my Dad, sister and I tickets to go on a helicopter ride over Portsmouth for Christmas, and in April we went and did it. It was a really cool experience but certainly not one for those with a fear of flying... 

Lastly, I took my sister to her driving theory test and she only went and passed first time! We went for lunch afterwards and the chef made our pizzas into heart shapes ??? Okay hun. 

Becc4s 2018 in review - May


The first signs of summer and freeeeeeeedom! After a heavy few months sweating the textbooks exams were finally over! Well, at the end of the month they were, but we were treating them like they were over before they'd even started. May was the month we got into our BBQing and had the first of many at our student house. 

I also attended the Excellence in Volunteering Awards at the uni where my society and I were given an award for all of our efforts over the academic year. We won the award for both being inclusive and for all of our charitable efforts. Yay, go us!

My pals and I attended Mutiny Festival and I had a fantastic day.  It was a really hot, sunny day, I had a really cool outfit, we'd bought VIP tickets and so had access to above average portaloos, and a load of our favourite artists were playing. Whatta fantastic day. 

Becc4s 2018 in review - June


And with that, second year was over. Exams were completed and forgotten about, the sun was shining and all was good in the world. I actually ended up going to two boat balls on consecutive days, and considering we had our drinks paid for on the first, you'll be unsurprised to hear that I felt a little worse for wear on the second. Now, for those of you who have never been to a boat ball before, it's essentially just a load of people dressed up, drinking, dancing and taking photos whilst onboard a boat that sails around for a few hours. It's a really fun expereince, and definitely something to try at least once if you get the opportunity. 

June also saw me take some of my uni pals for a day in Bournemouth, my hometown. We ate lots of food, did some shopping and then had an ice-cream on the beach. What would a day in Bournemouth in June be without a 99? 

And there we have it, the first 6 months of my 2018. Full of food, travel, drinking, good friends, festivals, birthdays and awards - a very good few months if you ask me...


  1. Woow what a lovely sum of the first half of the year! Thank-you for sharing, looks like you had a lovely 2018. Some really good memories / achievements here! You really lived to the fullest here.

    Gemma | https://anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com/

    1. Yeah, 2018 really was a good year for me - it was so much fun!

  2. Owww I love these types of post. You've had a jam packed year, always doing something aren't ya, I aspire to be more like you in the new year and not letting work get in the way of me living my best life. Can't wait for your review of the second half of the year, not just because I know I'm in it either ;)

    Fran | www.franciscarockey.co.uk

    1. Hahah yeeep, but I feat that may have been a 2018 thing. I have nothing planned for 2019 yet and the adult responsibilities are gonna HIT. Yes please do, go out there and do all the things! Hahaha yes, and you're in another of my scheduled posts, oooh ;)

  3. Sounds like the best start to 2018.. and your galentines tradition sounds SO fun!! Hoping 2019 is just as brilliant xxx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. It really was a good year!
      Thank you Lucy, happy new year! x

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing start to 2018 Becca! I like the idea of a boat ball but I absolutely hate boats so maybe its not such a good idea hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Aaaah thank you - it really was fun! Hahahah maybe not then - I suggest you stay well away!

  5. It sounds like you had an amazing first half of 2018! So much to do! It's so nice that your friend Chris came to visit you, I have a friend who lives in the US too and I miss her so much! I hope we get to see eachother soon 😊

    Can't wait to read the second part of your year in review!

    Anu | Based On blog


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