Sick Tings 028

4 November 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring halloween, the best burger I've ever had and a trip to see the fireworks
Happy November! I know we're still 7 weeks from Christmas, but now that Halloween has been and gone I am so so so in the mood for Christmas. For anyone that doesn't want to be hearing the C word just yet, rest assured, Christmassy content will not be gracing until December. I'm not so sure I can make the same promises for my Instagram, however. Is it too soon to start posting festive flatlays? I hope not because I've already started taking a few and I just want you all to see them.

Oh, Monday, what a stressful day you were. Monday morning saw me do my first graduate interview, a video one. I'd never done a video one before and really wasn't sure what to expect, so it's fair to say it had playing on my mind. It was way less daunting than I'd expected and the questions I was asked were really interesting, so moral of the story; chill out, you got this. I haven't heard back from them, so fingers crossed I will do soon.

My afternoon was then spent delivering a presentation to about 70 of my cohort on a research paper my group and I had read. Again, this was a fairly daunting task as it was by far the largest crowd I've ever spoken in front of so far. My evening was far more relaxed you'll be pleased to hear. It was my housemate's 21st so we all piled into Red Dog Saloon for burgers and dirty fries. I had the Gooey Louie burger and the chicken and bacon fries, and they were both incredible. I highly recommend.

Tuesday was another busy day with lectures, meetings, and a gym session. Not a lot more to report, just a day full of uni stuff really.

On Wednesday I went and visited the hospital as part of the Business Programme I am a part of. Four others and I are currently doing some work for them, so this week we went to see them in action. It was actually really inspiring and when the project is complete I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

Ahhhh, Halloween. A very last minute, all over the place night that ended in the midnight curry house, standard. I wore my famous pumpkin costume once again but unfortunately, once we got to the club it was already one in one out and the queue was huuuuuge. Speaking of getting to the club, our Uber was a Tesla?!?! So that was pretty cool. We then walked to the Indian restaurant and all chowed down on a drunken tikka masala and naan.

Thursday aka presentation number two day. This semester I have presentations in all of my modules and two of them just so happened to fall in the same week. So, yeah, it's fair to say the last few weeks have been very busy and full of group meetings. This presentation also went really well, it was on the factors affecting teenage conception, and the facts we found whilst researching the topic were suuuper interesting! We just have some follow up work to complete and then we don't have anything else to worry about for the module until the January exams.

I had another meeting with my dissertation supervisor on Friday and I'm definitely making some good headway with it now. I've come up with my research question and have found the majority of my references, so I'm well on track for our first deadline at the end of the month. I spent most of Friday afternoon in the gym and am already seeing improvements in my strength, so cheers to that pals. Friday evening saw me attend house party one of the week and my second night out of the week - who is this girl and where has third-year Grandma Becca gone?!

Saturday morning was spent catching up on work and then I took myself into town in the afternoon. I hadn't been into town in a whileee and I just really enjoyed having a wander around all the shops. The primary aim of the trip was to pick up some gifts for my upcoming gift guides and some decorations for Christmassy flatlays and you'll be pleased to hear I succeeded on both. When I got home I made nachos and fajitas for dinner before heading to house party number two.

I have had a leisurely Sunday today. I woke up and had brunch, have stayed in my pjs all day and am currently cooking a roast dinner. I've become a bit obsessed with making roast potatoes on a Sunday and haven't missed a week in a while now. Why did it take me until third year to discover how easy they are to make?!?

What have you been up to this week?
Opinions on me posting Christmassy content already?

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  1. I love how you have a busy/productive day every week. I’ve been trying to do the same recently and last week was my first busy week in a while. I got a new tattoo, went out for Halloween, booked a holiday, got a blog post out and have started getting the hang of things at my new job. I’m buzzing for when I make it onto a sick tings 😆.

    Once bonfire night and Remembrance Day has passed then I think it’s acceptable to start banging out Christmas content. Let’s say November 25th? That gives you one month to overload us with allll the Christmassy content

    Fran |

  2. Oh girl I already changed my twitter layout to be christmasy and I may or may not be starting christmas posts next weekend... It's my favorite time of the year so I just figured why not? Hahah

  3. Ahhh never been/went to uni and none of my friends did either so was so fun to read almost a week of a uni student. Halloween night sounded great fun but at the same time all that studying I defiantly couldn’t do it xx

  4. After Mid November I think it's fully acceptable to post Christmas content!
    I love how productive your week was... I need to take account of this :)

    Emma -

  5. Love this post! Felt like you was telling me about your week.

  6. I hope you hear back about the job soon, I hate waiting around for things like that!

    Lucy | Forever September

  7. Such a busy week! I just spent mine working and reading books in an attempt to relax from working! Also I might be the only one who is 100% ready for Christmas content?? Can’t wait to see your gift guides xx


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