Sick Tings 027

28 October 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring starting my dissertation, a light painting photography workshop and yet another stack of pancakes
I think we should start this post by addressing how COLD it has been this week. Now, I know we've all been hyping up autumn and all that comes with it, but these Arctic temperatures really are something else. As a house, we've decided that we're waiting until the 1st of November to turn the heating on, so let's hope it doesn't get too much colder between now and then. Other than that, this week has been another busy one full of uni work, socializing and good food - the standard really.

On Monday, I had my typical day of lectures and meetings, and then sign language in the evening. It's fair to say it wasn't the most exciting of days, but this week coming I have a lot of work due so my life is currently revolving entirely around that.

I previously mentioned the business program I'm a part of, and on Tuesday I met my group for the first time. In the evening I attended a light painting photography workshop. I've written a whole post about it here, but to summarize, think; fireeaters, sparklers, and fireworks. It was really really fun and I'm actually pretty pleased with the photos.

Wednesday afternoon saw my business group and I meet the client to discuss the project we've been set and the ideas we already have. The project is focussed all around Twitter. Growth, engagement, hashtags, the lot - so it's fair to say it's pretty up my street. I also had another careers appointment which was really beneficial. We went through my CV and came up with ways it could be improved. (I know it might be a bit of a stale post, but would anyone be interested in a CV related post?)

Karaoke is a classic Thursday night activity and this week was no different. It's one of my housemates 21st birthday next week, so we figured we'd go early, grab a booth for everyone and make an evening of it. Asides from that, I had 3 hours of group meetings and a lecture in the afternoon.

So, a really exciting thing happened on Friday, I posted my first ever Instagram AD!! If you haven't seen it, I'll link it here, but I'm so so so proud of how far Becc4 has come since its creation in January! My housemate and I had stir fry for dinner and then decided that it was far too healthy and we needed some more crap in our systems. So, off to Sprinkles we went. Anyone who has read these Sick Tings before will know that I have a mild obsession with the White Chocolate Sensation Crepe and so it'll come as no shock that I did in fact order that once again. I don't think I'll ever order anything other than that - it's just way too good.

On Saturday I did something I've never done before. I headed to the library to work, of my own free will. Usually, I am allll about working at home, in my room, wrapped up in my dressing gown with endless tea to hand. But, Saturday saw me spend 3 hours at the library working on my dissertation making full use of the unlimited access to journals and papers. I've managed to make a good start on it and I'm actually enjoying the research.

Sunday, oh Sunday, thank you for the extra hour in bed. I had a very leisurely morning, made pancakes for breakfast and then shot some outfit photos for an upcoming fasion post. Shortly, my housemate and I are going to hit the gym, then we'll come home, get ready and head to a local fireworks display for the evening.

What have you been up to this week?

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