Sick Tings 026

21 October 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring pumpkin picking, winning the psychology pub quiz and my first video interview
If I had to summarise the entirety of the last week into two words they'd be 'careers' and 'food'. This week has been another busy one, and I gotta feeling (ooh oooooh) that the rest of third year is going to be just the same. Whilst the number of modules I'm taking is the same as second year, the actual workload certainly isn't and it's taking some adjusting to. 

Monday was just the same as every other Monday. I had a couple of lectures, lunch with my friends and Sign Language in the evening. Learning BSL is still going really well and we now know the emotions, questions and the alphabet.

On Tuesday I attended my economics laboratory as usual, went for lunch with my housemate and then we headed off to a training day together. I'm partaking in a business programme this semester which is essentially just a consultancy role. I'm in a small group, and together we've been given a problem that a local business/charity/organisation are facing and we have to try and come up with some solutions. We have 6 weeks to do such and have to compile a 40 page report and a presentation on it also. I won't mention who I'm working for/what I'm doing now, but I definitely think I'll post all about it once it's completed. Here's a clue: it's social media related, so very much up my street. 

Wednesday was a uni work day. But, prior to this, the day began with a careers appointment to discuss my future and what roles are suited to me. After a fruitful meeting, I headed for my first gym session of the day. (Yes, you read that correctly). I spent the afternoon working on all my deadlines before ordering an Indian takeway with my house. Chicken Tikka Masala, Pilau Rice and Garlic Naan for me, always, in case you were wondering. In a weird turn of events, I ended up going back to the gym that evening with my housemates- perhaps not the wisest idea after we'd all scoffed down a curry. There's no rest for the wicked.

And, Thursday, the third careers related day in a row. The day started with a meeting with one of my lecturers about a group project we are working on, and then I headed to the careers fair being held at the uni. After a good few hours wandering the stalls, I headed to my lecture for the afternoon. Following this, I rushed home, ate dinner and then met my friends at the pub. The psychology department had organised a students and lecturers pub quiz, and guess who only went and won it? Yep, my team - we'd called ourselves 'actually in first place' and hey guess what, we were actually in first place. To celebrate this momentous occasion (I've never won a pub quiz in my life) we headed to karaoke, had a boogie and spent our prize money on jaegerbombs.

I spent the vast majority of Friday glued to my laptop, working on my dissertation and other projects, before my Dad and Sister came to pick me up. A nice, relaxing, weekend at home was wellll overdue. I also went and surprised my Nannie and spent the afternoon with her. 

My Dad, Sister and I headed into town Saturday morning for a spot of wandering and some lunch. Our restaurant of choice was of course TGI Friday's and I of course had JD Chicken Strips. Some things never change, hey? After this, we ended up going to a pumpkin patch, something I've really been keen to do since autumn sprung up on us. The weather was incredible and we essentially just wandered around this huge field taking photos and choosing pumpkins. For dinner, we made Mie Goreng using a recipe kit Waitrose have recently brought out. Whatta tribute to our summer in Bali. If there's one thing I miss more than anything about my time travelling, it's the food. 

Aaaaand, Sunday. Another relaxing one. This morning I roped my Dad into helping me take a load of photos for the 'gram, shotout to Big Jez for being a star. We then went to look at a first car for my sister??? I genuinely cannot believe that she will be on the roads shortly? Where has time gone? 

What was your first car?
What have you been up to this week?

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