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14 October 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring a pottery class, joining the gym and a cream tea in the new forest
This week has been an absolute rollercoaster of a week, so many things have happened, and very different ones at that. From forest walks and pottery classes, to a minor car crash and Post Malone tickets. As for uni, I'm loving my timetable for this year. I'm really busy the first few days of the week, and then it all calms down in time for the weekend. 

Monday was a busy one uni-wise, I had lots to do and lectures/meetings to attend. I then rushed home and made dinner before heading to Sign Language with my pals. I've only been to two sessions so far, but I'm so surprised at how much I've already learnt. I'm hoping by Christmas to have learned a fair amount and be able to hold a very basic conversation with someone. Afterwards, I headed to the pub for a catch up with my coursemates before heading home for an early night ahead of Tuesday. 

So, guess who joined the gym? This girl did. And this girl went for the first time at 8.30 on Tuesday morning with one of her best pals. I actually really enjoyed it. I'm currently seeing it as more of a social activity and an excuse to sit and chat with my friends whilst doing a bit of cycling/rowing etc. I then had a few lectures and then headed to Photography Society in the evening.

Not a lot happened on Wednesday at all. I had another meeting and another quick impromptu catch-up with my supervisor. Guess who has officially finalized their diss topic? This girl has. Hooray! I scrapped my previous idea and am so so happy with my new one, well done Becca.

My Thursday wasn't particularly exciting either. I had a lecture to go to, and a meeting with one of my presentation groups, and then attended a pottery class with my friend in the evening. Now, pottery really isn't something I'd ever imagined myself doing, but my friend wanted to go, and yanno us gals gotta stick together. I made a succulent in a pot, and you can see it over on my twitter here if you're interested. I don't think I'll be going again, but you've got to try these things once haven't you?

Friday was by far the best day of the week. Guess who's going to see Post Malone 5 days before their 21st birthday? Yep, that's me and I couldn't be more excited. I'm going with my housemates, which considering we're all obsessed with Posty, couldn't get much better. Friday night we decided to head to the pub to watch the football and somehow ended up crashing an Italian Society house party, not once but twice. But, weirdly enough, a boy who I went to school with was also at this random party we interrupted - small world, huh?

What should have been a very quiet uneventful trip to the Post Office on Saturday ended up being very stressful indeed. We were sat stationary, waiting to turn down the road when a car pulled out on another car who in turn crashed into us. Thankfully no one was hurt, and the damage wasn't tooooo bad, only one of the cars was written off. Unfortunately, the man who caused it drove off, making the situation a hundred times harder to solve. The rest of our Saturday was very relaxed, unsurprisingly, with not a lot going on other than a few phone calls to the insurance company and a gym session.

And finally Sunday. We woke up and made pancakes as a house, before heading to the gym altogether. Guess who did some barbell squats? This girl did. Watch out world, there's a bodybuilder coming through. We had another house roast for dinner, roast potatoes are by far one of my favourite foods in the world and now I know I can make them myself, life is ten times better.

What have you done this week?
Any tips for a beginner gym-goer?

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  1. Sounds like you had quite a busy week and like I say, I'm so proud you're going to a photography society hahah! I'm glad you're all safe in regards to the car crash, that must've been scary!

    Lucy | Forever September


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