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7 October 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring a walk in the new forest, a psychology social and my first week of third year
As iffff the first week of third year is over already? Where have those seven days gone? During one of our induction lectures this week we were told that we only have 8 months until it's all over - you could feel the fear mexican waving its way throughout the cohort. Anyway, this week has involved a lot of lectures, induction sessions and hanging out with pals. 

Monday was the busiest day of my week by a country mile. I had two lectures, a society meeting, dinner at one of my best pals' and then a social. Start the year as you mean to go on, right? The lectures were both rather interesting, and I'm genuinely looking forward to getting stuck into my optional Economics module. The society meeting I attended was for Sign Language, which I have since decided that I am definitely going to join. This may or may not be related to the rude signs my housemate and I decided to teach ourselves the night before the first meeting. The social was a three-legged house crawl that ended in a club, and let's just say Lucie and I would definitely not win a three-legged race. 

After Monday night, the three back to back lectures starting at 9am on Tuesday were not ideal. Nonetheless, I survived them and then headed back home for a nap before heading back to uni for more society meetings. Of the two I attended, I have decided to only join the Photographic Society. They host lectures, workshops, day trips, international trips, dark room lessons, the lot. I'm really excited to see how my skills progress over the year, and hopefully what I learn will up the ol' blogging game too. Third-year Becca has become an absolute Grandma, excited for the societies that don't involve initiations or drinking.

Not a lot happened on Wednesday. I had another lecture and spent most of the day at home on my laptop. I've been given a shed load of work and deadlines, so I've just been trying to make a start on that lot.

Thursday I had my favourite module of the semester; Psychology and Sexual Health. I absolutely loved the lecture and the topics we're going to cover, roll on Thursdays. That evening my housemates and I headed to the pub for karaoke - an absolute staple in any Soton students calendar. Now, just to be clear, this girl certainly doesn't go up and sing, that would be some pub clearing stuff. I do, however, enjoy laughing at everyone else, braver than I. 

Friday involved a food shop and a house trip to 7Bone for dinner. Now, I've mentioned 7Bone a lot over here on Becc4 but in case you're new around these parts, the Winner Winner burger is some God tier stuff. After dinner, we headed to Sainsburys for a hardcore Friday night high. Ethan bought some slippers and I a new book - talk about wild. 

Saturday was perhaps the least eventful day of the week. I didn't do an awful lot, besides stay in my pjs all day, do uni work and make carbonara for dinner. PSA: add leeks to your carbonara, it's an absolute gamechanger, you're welcome.

I think the biggest surprise of the week occurred on Sunday. Lots of my friends are on the netball team and have been trying to persuade me to join them for the last two years. So, Sunday morning saw me head along to my first taster session. Now, I despised netball when we did it at school, absolutely despised it, so much so I used to opt to do tag rugby with the boys instead of putting myself through an hour of that hell. Well, how times have changed. I genuinely really enjoyed the session and am actually going to join the club. Whaaaaaat??? On Sunday afternoon a couple of my housemates and I headed to the New Forest for a wander and a cream tea. Now, I am most certainly a jam first then cream kinda person and am happy to argue until I'm blue in the face with anyone that disagrees. So, if you're one of those feel free to slide in my DMs.

What have you been up to this week?
Are you a jam first kinda person or a cream first kinda person?

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  1. As a photography student, I'm very happy to hear you joined the photographic society - I know you'll love it!

    Lucy | Forever September


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