The Ideal Blogger's Day in London

5 July 2018

Tuesday was a really really really good day. It was filled with good food and drinks, alllll the pretty London locations and a few absolute blogger babes - what more could you want?

The day started with a 9.30am train to Waterloo, and a couple of tubes to Old Street where I was meeting Fran and Emmanuela. Now, Fran has been one of my blogging pals for pretty much the whole time has been around and it was sooo nice to finally meet her. We'd been talking about it for ages, and she was just as much of a babe offline as she is online. Anyway, the first stop on our blogging day out was Shoreditch. After meeting at the station we headed for a wander around and it's just as cool in person as it look on the 'gram. I'd never been before so it's fair to say I got pretty snap happy. We were originally planning on heading to the Cereal Killer Cafe but didn't end up getting there because we took so many detours and stops at all the pretty murals, that by the time we'd finished it was time to head to Notting Hill. 

We had a shoot booked with Jodie at 2pm, and so just had time to squeeze some lunch in before meeting her. We went to a restaurant called 'Patty and Buns' and the burgers were amazing. I had a pink lemonade with mine which was equally as delicious. After paying for our bill and a quick outfit change in the loos we headed out to meet Jodie. I'd never done any sort of photoshoot before, but it was honestly such a breeze to work with her. We, okay just I, shot multiple outfits (lol, I know I'm extra) in multiple locations and I'm so so excited to see the finished results. I'm going to be writing a whole post on working with a photographer, so look out for that coming soon. (If you have any questions you wanna ask etc for the post feel free to shoot me a DM)

After the shoot we headed for a wander down Tottenham Court Road because Primark. It wasn't quite as fruitful as expected but I did pick up a cute bandeau top to wear whilst I'm away. People of London, how do you even shop at Primark regularly?? There's about thrice the amount of stuff and 10 times the amount of people compared to my local stores - gimme the Bournemouth store any day. 

We did have a table booked at Tonight Josephine but only after we'd gone to order our drinks did we realise it was an over 21s bar ?? Pls advertise that more TJ, I was so excited to go, shame I'm not 21 until March! So, instead we headed to a Slug and Lettuce and devoured their 2 for 1 cocktails. Of the ones we ordered the Pornstar Martini was by far the best one in my opinion, I could do with that stuff in an IV. They weren't showing the football, so at about 80 minutes we headed to one of the nearby pubs to catch the end of the game, or so we thought. Who knew it would go on that long? I'd already left and was at the station when the penalties were started, and thankfully befriended a man with an iPad who was watching it. I don't think I'd been that tense since waiting in the car before my driving test. Whatta result though, it's coming hoooooome!

Anyway, there we have it, my day in London full of bloggery shenanigans and a whole load of photos


  1. Thank you for coming down to London Becca. I had the best day EVER, I wish every Tuesday could be like that Tuesday. Urgh, I completely forgot about the TJ incident, angry email coming their way very soon! I hope you have the best time travelling around SE Asia, hopefully I can come down to your ends before I move up north for uni.

    Fran |

  2. Sounds like you had such an amazing day! Really want to visit London one day just to get some decent Instagram photos as there is nowhere near me that is Instagram worthy haha! I really love how you got to meet your blogging friends though.

    Heather x Highland Beauty

  3. Great post! ☺️ I wish I lived closer to London so I could take some nice pictures for my blog, your pictures are lovely! Xx

  4. Sounds like you had an incredible day and was the epitome of a good old blogging day out. Hope you have an amazing time travelling and it'd be so good to meet up after that!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. Ugh it's always such a pain when you unknowingly wander into a 21s bar. Always hurts to leave after getting excited by the menu but sounds like you still had a lovely time. Looking forward to the post about the photoshoot!


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