Sick Tings 021

10 July 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring a day in London, a blogger photoshoot and cocktails as the sun set
Whatta week. We're still amidst a glorious heatwave, England are in the semi finals and your girl was awarded another Dean's Award. It's been a busy busy week, hence the delay in getting this Sick Tings post up, sorry! This time last week I was on my way to a day of all things blog, blogging and blogger with Fran and Emmanuela. We had a photoshoot with Jodie, ate incredible food, drank delicious cocktails, and discussed everything under the sun. I've written a whole post on the day here which includes a whole lotta photos and the story of us being thrown out of a bar. 

Last week I had an impromptu dinner with the Soton Bloggers and it was really lovely. We headed to L'Osteria, and oh my, the food was as good as ever. For those of you have never heard of L'Osteria, imagine a pizza the size of a small county and you won't be far wrong from the truth. I managed to eat all of mine, bar a couple of crusts, so I'm considering myself as the next extreme food eating competitor, no biggie. I had another swig of an Aperol Spritz and would like to confirm that I still cannot stand the stuff - why is it so hyped?? It's a no from me, chums. 

I went for dinner and drinks with a couple of my uni besties this week and it was so good to finally catch up. I hadn't seen them since the boat ball. so it's fair to say there was quite a lot to catch up on. We had dinner at Zizzi's and then went for cocktails at Vodka Revs. The roof terrace at the Southampton one is so pretty - why hadn't I been there before? If you're local, I'd definitely recommend going and checking it out. I'm not sure there's much better than sitting with your best friends on a sunny July evening, sipping Pornstar Martinis as the sun goes down. 

In other news, this World Cup has turned me into a bit of a football loon. I've never had an interest in football before, but something has changed this summer, and now I'm super keen. Sidenote: perhaps downing pints every time England score and shotting vodka if we win isn't such a good idea, Becca hun. Let's not do that again. Anyway, roll on Wednesday, I have all of my fingers and toes crossed, so the sooner the game comes around the better, am starting to lose feeling in them.

Our second-year results were posted last week but yesterday I received an email from my university saying that I've been awarded a Dean's Award for this year. Woop woop. I was also awarded one in my first year, so fingers crossed for next year and I'll hopefully have the hat-trick. (Who new hat-trick was spelt hat-trick... You learn something new everyday, huh?)

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. I always love these posts Becca, no joke I actively wait for you to post them haha! Sounds like you've had a lovely week, filled with good food and good people. Sadly my week hasn't been the same due to being ill (it sucks) but I'm hoping this week/next week is a better one!

    Lucy | Forever September


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