Sick Tings 016

3 June 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring blogcon with Lucy, the end of exams and a BBQ
Aaaaaand I'm free! Cheers to the end of second year and 4 months of freedom. Helloooo lazy days, travelling and getting lots of blog stuff done. I am just so so glad that I have a good few months without having to revise or look at a textbook. I'm fairly pleased with how my exams went, but we don't get our results for another month or so, aka plenty of time to temporarily forget all about them.

To quote one of my recent tweets:
"What to do after finishing exams:
A) Down a pint with ya pals
B) Go clothes shopping
C) Go back to the pub and down more pints with ya pals
D) Go out out"

And that is exactly what I did on Thursday after my last exam. Typical though, the one time I have all the time in the world and a penchant to buy alllll the clothes, I didn't find anything I like. I tried on a load of things, including those midi button down dresses from Primark, but genuinely didn't like the way anything looked. I did, however, pick up a head massager and can I just say it is an absolute game changer. The best 80p I've spent in a while, thank you, Primark. On Thursday night I went to karaoke at the uni pub and then onto a club, where we were the only people there when we arrived. It was a really fun night, and so needed after slogging away at the textbooks for the last few weeks.

On Friday morning I had to wake up early, not ideal, to catch a train to Bournemouth. Next week I'm having my hair balayaged, so I had to go and have a skin test and a consultation at the salon that are doing it. I'm super excited to be blonde(ish), especially now the sun is out and summer is here. I just have my fingers crossed that it turns out ashy and not really warm and yellow. I then met my Dad and sister for lunch before heading to a travel clinic appointment. My housemate and I fly out to Bangkok on the 21st of July, so it's not long at alllll. For any of you that might also be travelling this summer, and are wondering, the vaccination we had this week was Japanese Encephalitis, and we have to go back for a second next week.

Friday night saw my housemates, friends and I go on another night out. They all finsihed the day after me so it was nice to all go out together. It was a really good night, except the music was really really odd. One second it was Taylor Swift (no thank you) the next it was some the duttiest drum and bass (yes please) and then onto some Little Mix (again, no thank you). Music aside, a good night was had by all.

Okay, so onto the highlight of the week: #blogconLDN. I woke up at a charming 6.30am on Saturday after 3 hours sleep, buzzing to head to London. I caught the train and then met Lucy from Forever September (go and check her out, she's a total babe) at Waterloo. We then made the trek to Rainham, to the CEME Conference Centre where the event was being held. An afternoon of mingling with bloggers and brands, panels, workshops, and drinks ensued. I really enjoyed myself and am excited to use all of my new products. After the event, Lucy and I headed to Pizza Express for dinner, and can I just say that the pizza was incredible. I mean, Pizza Express always do good pizza, but there was something extra tasty about this one. I had such a good day in London, and am now really keen to get stuck into, and produce some really good content.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. It was soooo lovely to meet you yesterday and I honestly had the best time at BlogCon and that pizza was actually to die for, the best one I've ever had!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Aaaah it was such a good day! Thank you again

  2. I love reading your blog posts, it's one of the blogs that I regularly love to catch up on. Congrats for finishing second year, so jealous of your 4 month summer holiday!

    Nnedi || iamncxo

    1. Thank you so so much, that means a lot!


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