OUTFIT / Beach Wanderin' In The Rain

8 June 2018

So, yesterday, a couple of my uni friends and I headed to Bournemouth on the train. It's not at all far from Southampton, we were there within 40 minutes, so I'm not quite sure why it took us 2 years to visit having spoken about doing it for ages. For those of you don't know, Bournemouth is my hometown(ish) so it was really fun to show my friends around. We had checked the weather and were promised a warm sunny day, but the second we stepped out of the station it started absolutely pouring down, lush. It's safe to say we didn't need the bikinis we'd packed and the umbrellas were a much better shout. 

We went to Ask Italian for lunch and it was honestly delicious. I'm not sure I've ever been to an Ask before but it was genuinely really good. Sidenote, the restaurant at BH2 is gorgeous - the decor is so my aesthetic and well worth visiting. I had the garlic bread with mozzarella (always, wherever I go), the linguine carbonara and a still raspberry lemonade and I'd recommend all three. Incred.

Besides a bit of shopping, we also went for a walk along the beach and ate a 99 in the rain. Welcome to sunny Bournemouth, friends. I've said that we have to go back on a sunnier day to get the full experience on the UK's no.1 beach (fact).

Jumper - New Look
Skirt - New Look
Shoes - New Look
Sunglasses - Primark 

I mean, I know this isn't a very useful outfit post as I can't link any of the items, but maybe it'll give you some sorta inspiration/reading this will pass some time. I know the sunglasses are still in stock, but I haven't seen the other pieces instore/online recently. The shoes are old-old but I featured the skirt in this post here

Ps sorry about the poor quality photos - I know it looks like these photos were taken on a potato, they weren't, but they certainly weren't taken with my DSLR.


  1. I am living for your skirt! Do you know if New Look ships in Canada?

    And don't worry about the quality of your pictures. It actually makes me feel a bit nostalgic over the "old blogging" and how people did not use to care that much about the editing of their pictures.

    Seraphina x | Not That Kind of Lake

    1. I think they do!
      Hahah yesss, the good ol' days

  2. I LOVE this outfit! I need to go shopping with you, you always find all the gems, I walk into New Look with nothing and leave with nothing. Definitely need your eye for fashion

    Fran | www.franciscarockey.co.uk

    1. Hahah thank you Fran - I'll take ya on our day out!

  3. love the outfit, the stripes add a little something to the black, if that makes sense? Ask Italian do amaaaazing food! x

    1. Thank you lovely!
      They do - isn't it amazing!

  4. Ooh you ended up going to an Ask, I still need to give it a go! Such a shame about the rain as well!

    Lucy | Forever September


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