What I Eat In A Day At Uni

2 May 2018

Now, I would just like to say before I start that this is actually fairly representative of a typical day whilst at uni. My days always start with the best of intentions and before I know it I'm drunkenly stuffing my face with curry at 2am...

For breakfast, I had natural yogurt with granola, sultanas and dried apricots. Nutritious, right? This particular day I actually woke up quite late and didn't have to go to uni so this breakfast more than did the job. (Your girl usually needs way more food than this if she's heading to lectures/work/anything that isn't just sitting in bed).

As for snacks, I try to eat lots of fruit. I try to eat at least a banana a day as well as some pineapple, blueberries or oranges. No raspberries or strawberries here as this girl is a student and is not forking out £2 for an eat-them-all-in-one-sitting tray of those bad boys. My other current go-to snacks include Fondant Fancies and Sunbites popcorn. What an exciting life I lead.

My lunch this day consisted of hoops and sausages on toast. I mean, it's not exciting nor nutritious, but it is so easy to make and does the job. (Sidenote: is it possible to take an aesthetic photo of some hoops on toast?? Answers on a postcard please)

Onto dinnertime, yay. Spaghetti bolognese defrosted from the freezer for me today. I have this habit of bulk making (at least 10 portions) bolognese and then freezing it for future Becca to enjoy. It's easy, and I stuff it full of vegetables in an attempt to get my five a day.

Now, this is where I intended this post to finish...

However, I ended up going out-out and after leaving the club, as always, was hungry for some drunk food. Near my student house is a sit-down Indian restaurant that is open until 3am, and welcomes drunken students with a £7 meal deal. A curry, naan, poppadoms, onion bhajis and rice for £7? The best part of a night out for sure. I had a chicken makhani and drunk Becca thought it was great. I am still yet to ever visit sober, so who knows how good the food actually is?! But a night that ends in there is never a bad one.

And there we have it, what I eat in a day whilst at uni


  1. I love seeing what people eat in a day haha, so nosey. Omg, we have the same bedsheets! £12 from Asda right? Love them! If I ever visit you at uni, can you make me a bowl of spag bowl? It’s my absolute fav and yours looks delicious :D

    Fran | www.franciscarockey.co.uk

    1. I'm soooo nosey too! I love what's in my bag posts/videos! Yeppp, that's them! YESSSSS, yes I can! X

  2. Loved this post Becca and how real it is haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I love Indian food after going out! It is the best to get a great sleep :)
    Thanks for sharing! I love reading this type of posts!

    Miriam | www.theopiblog.com

    1. Yeah, it's so delicious and filling! Thank you!! X


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