Sick Tings 014

20 May 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring banging banana bread, a dominos feast and another sprinkles
Exams start tomorrow, fook, so this week has certainly been a quieter one. I only have two exams this semester and after those I don't have uni again until September. My first exam is Perception and the other is Developmental Psychology. I cannot wait to be done with them both, Perception especially. This girl is not a fan of cognitive psychology, especially with all the physics there is thrown into this particular module too. 

This week has been a good week food wise. Yet another white chocolate and strawberry crepe was consumed - I ought to have shares in Sprinkles at this rate. There is just something about those things. 10/10. This year I have been kit sec and social sec for a society at uni, and this week was our last week as the current committee as I decided not to re-run for next year. I was given some lovely gifts at our last session and I still can't believe the year is over already.  I've made some really good friends this year and unfortunately a few of them are graduating this summer - it's genuinely the end of an era...  Uni is going to be so different without them. At our committee handover this week, we ordered a metric tonne of Dominos, and it's fair to say I ate an unholy amount of it. So much so that I've felt a bit sick ever since. Gluttony. It was nice to meet our successors though and hand over the baton for hopefully what will be another fantastic year for the society. 

Whilst revision has consumed the majority of my time this week, I've also done a fair bit of procrastinating. The other evening I decided to make banana bread for the first time and it was actually delicious. I used this Mary Berry recipe and my gal didn't let me down. My housemates and I devoured it all in a matter of days. This is a recipe I will absolutely be making again, and if you've never made banana bread this recipe is a good one. 

Another exciting that happened this week is my first sponsored post over here on went live. The email landed in my inbox last weekend and I had to take a double, triple and quadruple check that I wasn't hallucinating. I'm still so shocked that I was even asked, let alone sponsored by the huge brand in question... I've linked the post here if you haven't already seen it and are intrigued as to who it was and want to see who it was that sponsored me this week. 

So yeah, there's not much to report this week - just a lot of work, food, more work and even more food. 

What have you done this week?

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  1. Good luck with your exams! It's deadline week for me too, the stress is real and I'm only in my first year haha. Congrats on your first sponsored post too, that's so exciting! x


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