The Least Becca-Like Fashion Haul There Ever Was

11 April 2018

Does anyone else get really bored of their personal style every now and then and decide they radically have to change their whole wardrobe? Or is that just me? I'm not specifically sure where this sudden surge of inspiration has come from, perhaps the change of season, but I've been really liking a lot of pieces I'd never thought I'd pick up in a million years.

The item that led to this haul was these white boots from Missguided... I'd been watching a few of Em Sheldon's old videos and fell in love with the Topshop ones she had, which, unfortunately, were sold out when I went to buy myself a pair. But, a quick google later and I found these ones in the sale for £18 down from £45. I've already worn these once, with a denim pinafore from Monki, and I think I love them. I know they're very marmite, and they very well might be an item I look back at in years to come and question what on earth I was thinking when I bought them, but for now, I'm in love. They're not as uncomfortable as I was expecting, so that's a bonus too. Don't get me wrong, they're no Ugg, but they weren't mammoth blister inducing.

Now, those silver metallic sock boots. Another marmite item I'm sure. These I bought in Primark for a pound. Yep, you read that right, a quid. I hadn't owned a sock boot before I bought these, and I think I'm a convert. The silver is pretty garish, but when teamed with the right outfit I think they're going to look pretty cool, and are definitely something out of my usual fashion realm!

The red backpack is potentially the only item in this haul that is recognisable as something that Becca would normally buy. I spotted it in Primark a couple of weeks ago, and have since become a bit of a backpack convert, so decided I needed to get it. It was £8 and I absolutely adore the colour of it. This paired with a monochrome outfit, yes please.

Now, the three other items in this haul are dresses! Yep, actual dresses. I am not a dress person at allll other than for occasions. My day to day wardrobe consists of mom jeans, skinnies, and culottes, so floral dresses couldn't be further from my norm. The striped dress is from Primark, and the other two are from New Look. They were all inspired by the boots, as I figured it was only necessary to buy a few more pieces to go with them, right? I'm sure they'll all feature here on the blog or over on instagram (@becc4_blog) in due time if you're interested in seeing them on!

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  1. No way was this backpack primark!! Definitely going to be keeping an eye out for it in stores. xx

    Lucy |


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