Sick Tings 010

23 April 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring a helicopter ride, a visit from my American pal and a heart shaped pizza
This week has hands down been the busiest week of my life thus far. I genuinely haven't stopped and it's fair to say I'm more than a little bit shattered. It has been the first week back at uni since the holidays, which is always a busy one, but throw in a friend from the US coming to stay, a mini heatwave and a helicopter ride, and we're at a whole other level of busy.

So, to start from the beginning. Monday saw me start my new role at work, and so far so good. Rather than having to tear myself from my bed to get to work at 8am on a Sunday and Monday morning, I now don't have to start until 11am, win! However, I am now sort of a department of one, and won't get to see many of my colleagues anymore, loss. Swings and roundabouts, hey?

On Tuesday I had lectures at uni, and finally got to catch up with my course friends after our month apart. We attended our own psychology lecture then decided we needed to treat ourselves to a pint for our hard work and dedication to the cause. I also went for a coffee with one of my best pals to catch up - was a busy day of recapping what we'd missed!

Last week I booked my sister's driving theory test for her, and this week saw me take her to said test. One of the biggest perks of going to uni so close to home is that I can just pop back for days like this. We went to Franco Manca for lunch and the chef made us loveheart shaped pizzas and brought them over to us himself... This is modern day romance kids. Following this, we did a bit of shopping and then headed over to the test center. I had a McFlurry (my first of the season) whilst I waited for her to return. Anddddd, she only went and passed first time didn't she, whatta babe. 

Thursday was my housemates birthday, and after being stuck at uni most of the afternoon, we then headed to a BBQ. My lecturer let us do our seminar outside in the sun, to that was really nice, even if my pale pasty skin wasn't quite ready for it. The BBQ was really good, and it was still warm at 10pm ?? In April ?? Amazing. 

Chris, who I met whilst travelling around Cambodia, arrived on Friday, whilst my friends and I were sat in the sun at uni, pints in hand. After a slow afternoon of daytime drinking and chatting in the sun, catching up with Chris who has been traveling since September, we headed to the shops to grab some bits for a last minute BBQ at ours. After grabbing the last two disposable BBQs in Iceland (Sainsbury's had already sold out) we headed home to cook up a charred feast. Shortly after we'd finished eating, we hurriedly got changed as my friends were on their way for pres, before we took Chris for his first night out in the UK. A great night out was had by all.

The following day I took Chris for a wander around Southampton and took him for his Sprinkles. Delicious. That place is the key to my heart. After yet more wandering, we headed back to my house to get ready for our second night on the lash. Tonight's destination was a pirate themed house party, which, neither of us had prepared costumes for. Cue a mad rush of trying all sorts of outfits on. I wore red frill hem leggings and a stripey bardot top in the end, and for a last minute decision, I didn't think it looked too bad. Unfortunately, in order to get to said party, we had to run through what I can only describe as the worst storm I've experienced in a long while. I'm talking, hail, thunder, lightning and torrential rain. It's all part of the fun though, hey?

My Mum bought my Dad, sister and I tickets for a helicopter ride over Portsmouth and the Solent for Christmas, and Sunday saw us board the chopper. It was a really really cool experience, and if you ever get the chance to go in one I'd highly recommend it. It was a little four-seater and was far smoother than expected - driving down my uni road in the car is far bumpier! 

So there we have it, one very busy, very fun week of my life. I've already put a ban on going out out this week, this girl needs to catch up with her beauty sleep... This walking zombie look isn't hot on anyone.


  1. Sounds like you had such a manic but fun week! A helicopter ride sounds amaaaazing!!

    Lucy |

    1. Yeaaah, it was so so busy, but so so good! X


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