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Sick Tings 009

As if the Easter holidays are over already? Where on earth did those 4 weeks go? This week was a fairly chilled one and involved a tonne of binge-watching and a fair amount of eating, with equal measures of social media scrolling. The show that had me hooked this week was Five Star Hotel. I managed to watch the entire season in 3 days, no judging please. Essentially, if you haven't heard of it, 5 celebrities are in charge of running a hotel on a Greek Island, and it's all very Love Island-esque... aka incredible. If you haven't seen it I'd highly recommend you do so - it's a great easy watch.

My family and I are heading to Bali this summer and this week I tried my first Balinese beer in anticipation of the trip. I'm so so excited to head over there, roll on August! As for the beer, it was just like any other, I'm no beer connoisseur.  I also discovered the beauties that are Marks and Spencer's Salted Caramel Chouxnuts this week. They are delicious. So good that I think I'm going to have to start heading to M&S just to get them on the regular. It's not ideal that I've discovered them now, what with bikini body season fast approaching, but hey, they're absolutely worth every calorie.

Another thing I spent this week doing was writing an article for a blogging magazine. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and am just waiting to hear back from the editor... Once it's released I'll most certainly be sharing the link. Exciting stuff, hey?

I finally got round to printing my photos from my trip to Amsterdam - you can read all about it here. I'm really pleased with how they turned out, and I've made it my goal to get more of my photos printed out, especially ones from trips I've been on. I'm not entirely sure what to do with them now, however, so if anyone has any suggestions, ideas on a postcard please.

This week I was meant to go paddleboarding - something I've never done before. The weather was really nice and sunny, we even had our biknis on, but when we got to the beach the fog just descended out of nowhere. Safe to say there was a red flag, and hence no paddleboarding could occur. I went for a paddle in the sea and oh my was it freezing. Even with a wetsuit, I think my bits would have fallen off.

Guess who's finally seen The Greatest Showman? My house have been absolutely possessed with it for agessss but I just sort of let it pass me by and figured it wasn't really my thing. But, it was actually really really good and that soundtrack is never not going to be stuck in my head. No matter how old Zac Efron gets, he's still only ever going to be known as Troy Bolton, sorry hun.
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