7 Things I've Done Solely For the 'Gram

25 April 2018

- Bullied a family member/friend into taking an outfit photo of me, stood in front of a vaguely interesting wall. And by interesting wall I mean a white wall, or screw that, any sort of wall. Actually, screw that again, bullied a friend to take outfit photos literally anywhere.

- Ordered a more aesthetically pleasing drink in a bar. A vodka lemonade doesn't get the likes rolling in, but a fancy pink cocktail made of glitter, and covered in fruit, that's more like it, even if it does cost 5 times as much.

- Cooked a more aesthetically pleasing meal. What does Becca want for breakfast? A bowl of quick, easy, convenient cereal, yes. Pancakes drizzled with white chocolate that take 3 years to make and clean up, no. But, the latter makes for a more instagrammable breakfast, so pancakes it is, even if by the time you've finished making them it's time for lunch.

- Bulk taken photos for Instagram whilst the lighting was good. To anyone normal person, the prospect of doing that is absurd. But, when you have a theme to keep up, there's no rest for the wicked. These bright white photos aren't going to take themselves...

- Made walls/tables/basically any background whiter in editing to make them fit more cohesively in my feed. Thank you Facetune for assisting me in keeping up my particularly difficult feed to maintain, and helping me catfish that every room in my house/restaurant I visit perfectly matches my theme.

- Created flatlays of the most dull, mundane, everyday objects. A cup of tea and some highlighters? Yeah, that'll make a great doing uni-work flatlay. The people of Instagram will love that.

- Gotten changed just to take a selfie, and then get back into comfy clothes. My faded, toothpaste stained pj top is perfect for lounging it, but god forbid it makes it on the 'gram, there's nothing aesthetic about that.

You can follow my attempts to be aesthetic on Instagram here. 


  1. My non-blogging friends laugh at me constantly but the truth is I love taking the right shot for instagram and will go out of my way to do it! <3

    G is for Gingers xx


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