The Birthday Shopping Haul

28 March 2018

Summer 2018 will see me spend just under 2 months in Asia, the majority of which will be backpacking, gap yah style. On the itinerary are Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Bali - so it's fair to say I'll be needing some summery pieces. The evening before my birthday we actually booked our Bali trip, so, naturally, when we went shopping the following day all I had was travel on the mind.

Now, if I wasn't a student and had an unlimited budget, I'd walk into Urban Outfitters, pick up one of everything and be done with it. The reality, however, is that one dress in there costs more than my monthly spend on groceries, so Primark had to do. Pair that with the fact that I'll be stuffing all my clothes in a damp, heavy rucksack and lugging it thousands of miles, £6 dresses seem like a much wiser decision.

After all that traveling spiel, I thought I'd start this haul off with these two tees. They're both from the Zara TRF range and you can buy them in store. I didn't buy them specifically for the trip, I just saw them and couldn't not buy them, the rainbow one especially.

Okay, so each of these bikinis were £4 a set and the flip flops 90p a pair. I love you, Primark. Again, these will be great for traveling and if they fall out of my bag and get left in a hostel by accident - no massive heartbreaks here.

What is a shopping trip without another bardot top? Or two? I'm growing quite a collection of these off the shoulder tops, but I didn't have a striped one quite like that one (read: I already have quite a few striped ones) nor a tropical print one. The former was from New Look kids section, perks of having the torso of a child, and the latter was from Primark. The black crop top was also Primark... Are you seeing a running theme here?

The Paisley and Striped trousers were £7 and £8 respectively and will be ideal for wandering the world in. The striped ones are a bit short on me, but hey, compared to the hot mess I'll be in the humidity, they're the least of my worries. I haven't bought a sundress in what feels like years, but I tried the blue and white one on and decided I needed it instantly! It was £6, as was the black and white playsuit. The shorts were only £4 and fit like a dream... Again, all of the above was from Primark, if you were wondering.

As you're reading this, I'm currently in Amsterdam, and wanted to get a new backpack to take with me. This beauty was only £10, and is such a good size. I needed a bag that was big enough to fit my DSLR in (hello arty holiday pics) but not too big I could be mistaken for a keen year 9 on their first day of school, and I think this was just the right balance.

The red jumper was only £5 in the sale, and whilst red is a colour that is firmly in my usual wardrobe, the style of this jumper certainly isn't. It's really big and puffy, but the texture is great and I'm gonna try my best to make it work, and not look swamped by a red carpet.

And there we have it, the haul from my birthday shopping trip... 

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  1. Those crop tops are SO cute, especially the little bardot ones! I can never resits making a purchase from Primark! Hope you had a lovely birthday!<3

    Katie | XX


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