The £1 Boohoo Sale Haul

13 March 2018

Mum, Dad, I know you're gonna see this and be shocked. Firstly, because I have more than enough clothes already and I certainly didn't need anymore and secondly, because this is a haul comprised of only wacky-not-like-Becca-at-all prints. But, what can I say, I've just booked a 6 week trip to Asia and most definitely have summer/beaches/sun/travel on the mind...

So, in stroll Boohoo with a huge sale of summer clothes and it's fair to say I went a little crazy. What is pictured is only a third of what arrived, (the rest I sent back because it looked pretty terrible on me/the quality was dreadful), so it's fair to say the Hermes lady that delivered it thought I was nuts.

But, what can I say, when shorts are £1 a pair and playsuits are £2, how could I not?? A few of the items are no longer in stock, and are also priced differently now, but I thought I'd link them just in case you wanted to check them out/see what they looked like on!



I tried all of these on for the first time, greasy haired and paler than snow and really liked them... So I'm hoping in the middle of Asia with a tan, blonde in my hair and a whole load of Vitamin D that these will look far better. My housemate (who I'm going traveling with) also bought a load of bits in the sale too, so our trip will essentially be been sponsored by Boohoo... (Boohoo, if you're reading this, let's make this a thing)


  1. Boohoo does a £1 sale? What? Why have I never heard about this?
    Love all the items you purchased. I am deffo going to take advantage of these £1 sales for my summer wardrobe, holiday and festival wear!

    Fran |

  2. Oh My GOD. How on earth did I miss this offer!


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