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11 March 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring my birthday house party
So, this week has been a really good one. I mean, I haven't really done much other than the house party (more on that later) but it's been good nonetheless. It was one of my bestie's 21st birthday this week, so we all went to hers and that was really fun. I also had a social this week. We ordered a tonne of dominos to a lecture hall at uni on Wednesday and just sat scoffing our faces, watching 17 Again on the huge screen. Can I just make a comment about how weird that film actually is?? Preteen Becca absolutely loved it, adult Becca just found it all a bit weird? Why was he kissing his daughter?? And his friends mum/wife?? Who knows...

The focus of this entire week, however, was my birthday house party. My birthday is the first day of the Easter holiday, so not for another week or so, but we hosted the party early to make sure everyone could attend before we all went home. We invited a loaaad of our good friends and in the end, about 50 turned up... Our house isn't huge so it's fair to say it was pretty cozy.

Thankfully nothing got damaged or broken, hooray for maybe actually getting our house deposit back. That being said, there was a whole load of mud, wee and sick to be cleaned up but these things are expected, hey.

Lots was drunk, we had insane disco lights, everyone had a boogie. It was a sick night. Happy early bday to me.

I had more Boohoo packages arrive this week than is humanly sensible, thank you unlimited next day delivery. But, I did eventually manage to find the perfect dress for the party. It's this one here, and it received many a compliment, would defo recommend.

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