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4 March 2018

A lifestyle roundup of my week at university featuring all I've bought, watched, eaten, seen and been up to. Featuring Southampton in the snow, bikini shopping and a free bouquet of flowers
As you can tell from the photos, one thing has dominated this week and one thing alone. The Beast from the East. Down on the south coast snow is pretty rare, and we haven't had any for a good few years, so it's fair to say I've rather enjoyed this last week. 

For one, uni closed for a day and a half, so spending the day in the snow was fully justified. And secondly, it's been a good food week. I've eaten allllll the carbs and cheese this week. It's been bliss. My housemate made a brie mac and cheese wrapped in puff pastry (from a vid on facebook) and it was incredible. Would fully recommend, especially as something to indulge in after an afternoon in the snow. We had that, then made our own garlic pizza bread and then ordered Pizza Hut takeaway. Bikini body, where?

Whilst food shopping this week, a lovely lady in Waitrose came up to me and handed me those lovely flowers. She just sorta popped out of nowhere to give me those to 'brighten my day'. What a legend. 

I went shopping with my Mum this week with the intentions of getting an outfit for the house party we're hosting next week for my birthday. There wasn't tooooo much success on the birthday outfit front, but I did find a gorgeous new bikini in H&M. I posted it on Instagram and it got quite a response. Only Becca would go bikini shopping at the same time the UK is being hit by a snowstorm.

I bought Boohoo Unlimited next day delivery this week and already have 3 orders on their way.... oops. What can I say, the sale on at the mo is far too tempting. I mean, shorts for £1 and playsuits for £2 how could I resist?

This week I got an official invite to my first blogger event, woop woop! I'm heading for pizza with some other local bloggers at a restaurant that's recently been renovated. It's not for another few weeks but I'll be sure to tell you alllll about it.

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  1. Sounds like you had such a great week! We unfortunately didnt get any snow but loved looking at everyone elses snowy pictures. Enjoy your blogger event!

    Heather xo |


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