My Twentieth Birthday


I'm going to say it, I think my twentieth birthday was one of my, if not my favourite birthday. I had such a lovely day, full of the best food, time with my favourite people, lots of lovely gifts and messages andddd a shopping spree. What a day. We even had some snow - something I've never had on my birthday before, which was nice but totally disrupted my outfit plans. First world problems.

The day started with banana and chocolate pancakes. Delish. Pancake Day reminded me just how much I love pancakes, and they've become a fairly frequent occurrence ever since. They're particularly good with half a melted Easter Egg on top, thank you Easter.

I opened my cards and gifts and was so blown away. My sister bought me a canvas with the two of us on and I absolutely love it, even though I do look like an absolute spanner. She also decorated the house, so thank you Hoob if you're reading, and thank you also for the 'brother' card, much appreciated. My parents bought me lots of lovely things including the trousers in the fourth photo; they're from Zara and I'm so in love with them. Thank you parentals!

For lunch, we went to TGI's as I really fancied some of their JD chicken strips... For my main, I had a chicken burger and a huge pile of fries, yum. Because it was my birthday we also got free cocktails and a slice of cake too, so a good time all around. 

As for the shopping spree, I made a good start on my holiday shopping for Summer 2018 and made a fair dent in my bank balance. If you follow me on Twitter you'd have seen that we booked our family holiday the night before my birthday... And we're off to Bali!! So, it's fair to say all the shopping I bought had that dreamy trip in mind. (For the nosy amongst you, rest assured, there's a haul post coming soon!)

We popped into Lush for a browse and ended up making our own bubble bars whilst we were in there. As we walked in, one of the lovely members of staff asked if we wanted to make a Brightside Bubble Bar, and yes, of course we did. Right place, right time and all that. It was really fun and they smell really good.

By the time we'd finished shopping, it was pretty much dinner time, and the day just got better. My Mum made one of her roasts (something I'm severely deprived during term time at uni) and it was incredible. The best way to end a birthday, hey??

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  1. Happy Birthday - this sounds like the perfect day to me too and Bali sounds incredible <3

    G is for Gingers xx