The Uni Room Tour

5 February 2018

 Welcome to my uni room... There are bits of it that are so me and I absolutely love, and other parts I really don't like, namely the damp, the mouldy curtains and the stained carpet. The room itself is really spacious, and the bed is actually surprisingly comfortable and is by far my favourite part of the whole room.

I bought the tapestry on Ebay, the geometric bedding from Asda and the other pink bedding is Primark. Yes, I have two duvets, yes, my student house is cold. So cold in fact that I also have three blankets on my bed also... The bedside lamp is from Ikea and I love it, and the fairy lights I bought agessss ago in a supermarket.

I have a huge desk (which isn't the prettiest of things) but it's absolutely huge and serves as the ideal makeup vanity/uni work station combo. Other than the tapestry there isn't too much on the walls other than a few of posters, a scratch map and a string of photos that I love from this summer.

I didn't feature the sink in these photos but I feel I ought to give it a special mention as it is such a godsend, and really is so convenient. I have the room furthest away from both bathrooms so being able to wash my makeup off and brush my teeth within reaching distance of my bed is incredible

- I have since moved out of this room and into a much nicer house. If you'd like to see that click here and here for my tips on choosing the perfect student house.

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